How To Protect Your Home From Break-In

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How To Protect Your Home From Break-In

Protecting your house puts your mind at peace, especially when you are away. Indeed, break-ins are common, making it essential to take proactive measures to safeguard your property. According to a recent study, people experience a break-in every 26 seconds in the US, lasting at least eight minutes. While you cannot control the conduct of others, you may do a few things to stop criminals from choosing your home. Here are four essential steps to take. 

Create a vacation strategy.

Develop a strategy before leaving for a trip to keep your house looking occupied while you’re gone. That includes holding your mail and deliveries. In addition, you can ask a reliable neighbor to conduct your garbage day tasks and monitor the house. If you are gone for an extended period this summer, consider arranging routine lawn maintenance to keep your home looking neat and cared for. Similarly, if you’re expecting colder months, schedule with your local snow removal service to clear snow off your driveway if needed.

Keep your keys safe with you.

Concealing your key is a secure and convenient way to access it during an emergency easily. However, this is not a good plan since thieves are conscious of this approach and will frequently look for a hidden key before pursuing another method of entry into your home. It is also usual for thieves to observe activity near the residences they are targeting.

You cannot be sure whether your home is being targeted, so you cannot leave anything to chance. Therefore, it would help to find other ways to keep your keys secure, such as keeping them with you at all times or keeping a spare with a trusted loved one, to reduce the likelihood of it falling into the wrong hands.

Avoid sharing your travel plans online.

Vacations are ideal for thieves, with so much undisturbed time and a more extended period before homeowners can report any break-in. Unfortunately, the growing use of social media and the urge to share the most private moments online may make your home an easy target for intrusion. For example, sharing your travel plans on your Instagram can be tempting but may not be worth the risk, as you may not know who could stumble upon that information and use it to their advantage.

Boost your security measures.

Using dogs as a deterrent for home intrusion can be an effective security measure. First, select a breed known for its protective instincts and loyalty. Then, properly train the dog to respond to threats by barking, alerting the household, and showing a defensive stance. Introduce the dog to family members and teach them to recognize and differentiate between familiar faces and strangers.

Meanwhile, having a dog may not be enough, and learning a few self-defense tactics can also be helpful. Fortunately, online resources like Inforce offer tactical lights for self-defense and protecting your home.

Implementing these tips is worth the extra effort so you can sleep peacefully, knowing your home is safe from intruders. 

How To Protect Your Home From Break-In

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