Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Canine Companion?

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dog careTaking care of a pet can be just as tasking as taking care of a child. Especially dogs. Albeit a little differently, they need to be taught what is right and wrong and how to be potty trained. They can be sad or happy, and above all, they can love unconditionally. Everyone has a special soft spot for their own pets. I know I do. There’s nothing like seeing that big goofy dog pounce up to you as you come home, so happy just because you walked in the door. Who doesn’t want that?dog sleeping

So I asked around the dog community and got an idea of what people think is good for their dogs. Included are mine, and my dog’s, favorite products and activities.


Choosing a dog food can be rough. Some dogs will inhale anything you put in front of them, some are a little pickier. Even though your dog may eat anything, you should still make sure what they are eating is healthy and full of the nutrients dogs need to keep their energy up and prolong their lives. Here are some brands I personally like:

All three of these have meat as the first ingredient, a very important fact for extending the life of your dog.

dog careExercise:

Dogs love to exercise. Owners should aim to take their dogs for walks at least once a day for an hour or so. Training with your dog regularly not only creates a positive relationship between you and your pup but it can help fulfill your dog’s need for structure. I take mine for multiple, but it’s also for my own enjoyment. It’s tough with a work schedule all week, but the upside is that more and more local dog walkers are starting to pop up. If you find you cannot find the time during the week to walk your little buddy, check the local ads or posting boards around your town or city, there is bound to be a dog walker somewhere. Usually, the newer ones are also much cheaper than the bigger companies that do it. If you do get the chance to get out there, one of my dog’s favorite toys is a Chuck-It and tennis ball. It makes it easier for me to throw farther and he just loves it!


There are many differing views on the correct way to train a dog. I’ve come to realize that each person has their own way. I do not really agree with treat training, I prefer to use corrections and an e-collar. But it does take time and patience, especially with a puppy. If kept up and maintained though, even a bad dog can turn to be the most well-behaved at the park! The use of a crate when training a puppy is a must and it is necessary to purchase a training collar of a few sizes if your dog will get much bigger.

The most important thing is to love your dog! If you have a hectic schedule and there will not be someone around, it’s probably not a great idea to get a dog right then. But it is definitely a companion that will love unconditionally and always guaranteed to put a smile on your face in the worst of times.


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