10 Best Money-Saving Tips to Enjoy your Holiday

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A family holiday is a real highlight but let’s face it; it can get costly.

Before you panic, check out these simple money-saving tips that’ll help you organize an amazing family holiday – without dipping into any extra savings.

Extend the Invite to Other Family Members

You can reduce the total cost of your family holiday by organizing one that involves your grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins. Book a self-catering lodge or house for a long weekend and divide the cost between you all.

When it comes to food shopping, you can buy things in bulk to keep costs down, and each family can contribute to a big meal on one of the nights.

If you have family living at the other end of the country or abroad, visit them to save on accommodation for a few nights. That way, you can share meals and enjoy spending some quality time with them – as well as having a break.

Think About an Indirect Flight

Waiting around for ages at an airport departure lounge when you could be chilling on a beach might sound like utter madness, but if you’re strapped for cash, it’s something to consider. You can often find flights to the likes of Malaga for about £20 less if you can cope with a few extra hours in Copenhagen on your way home.

Choose Your Dates Wisely


You can save some pennies by avoiding flying on the first and last days of each school break. Return a few days before or after school starts again.

If you have to travel during the school summer holidays, plump for the latest possible dates. Think about going the last week in August and the first in September – these dates are usually considerably less expensive than the rest of the holiday period.

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Make The Most Of Memberships You Already Have

Do you have a National Trust membership? Enjoy a free holiday outing by visiting at least one of their houses or gardens while you’re away.

Another idea is to save airline points and book your flights on points wherever and whenever possible.

You can also save money on attractions and dining out by using cash in loyalty scheme vouchers.

Think All-Inclusive

By going all-inclusive, you’ll know in advance exactly how much your holiday is going to cost. Holiday providers such as Holiday Hypermarket and First Choice enable you to book holidays that include accommodation, meals, and drinks to help you keep within budget, saving you hundreds of pounds.

By paying the full cost up front, you can rest in the knowledge that everything has been paid for, saving you money and headaches. Be sure to look out for kids-eat-free, kids-ski-free and kids-cruise-free holiday packages.

Think Like A Local

Public transport

Instead of forking out for a taxi once you arrive at the airport, take public transport instead. Once you’re at your resort, check out the local supermarket and do your food shopping there.

Rather than visiting tourist spots, head to places of interest – that way, you get to immerse yourself in other cultures without paying costly tourist prices.

Bring Your Food and Drink

Why shell out on drinks when you can bring your water bottles? Plus, your kids probably won’t harass you as much for extra treats!

You can save some pennies by going self-catering, even for short city breaks. Instead of eating out at restaurants every night, make sandwiches for lunch and try local markets and food. Then you could treat yourself to a restaurant on one of the other days.

The good idea is to go half-board and fill up at breakfast and then again at dinner. You probably won’t need much in between – although you might have room for ice cream or two.

Rent an Apartment

If you’re heading on a European city trip, opt for an apartment rather than a hotel. Hotels can get expensive. Not only that, the rooms are pretty small. Plus, they don’t have a fridge or microwave – and neighbors will hear those temper tantrums.

Generally, apartments cost less and are roomier with thicker walls. Because they have a kitchen, you can save an arm and a leg in hotel breakfast fees while a washing-machine means you can save yourself loads in checked-bag charges.

Travel in October Half Term

In place of traveling in the summer holidays, consider going in October instead. There are some great destinations for October half-term, including the Canaries, Morocco or (depending on finances) Florida – and book early to catch the cheapest fares.

Check Your Luggage Allowance

luggage and backpack

It’s vital to weigh and measure your luggage, whether it’s hand baggage or holdall bags. This will ensure it’s under the size and weight constraints enforced by the airline before you leave for the airport. Extra charges can be dire.

With a little bit of help, you can organize the best family holiday ever – without breaking the bank.

A family holiday is a real highlight but let’s face it; it can get costly.

Before you panic, check out these simple money-saving tips that’ll help you organize an amazing family holiday – without dipping into any extra savings.

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