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How Improving Your Writing Skills Will Help Your Career

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How Improving Your Writing Skills Will Help Your Career

Many people think that only authors, journalists, and teachers need to be strong writers. However, to express yourself in written form is a universal skill. Below we will outline a few ways of how improving your writing skills will help your career opportunities!

1. Strengthen Your Resume

First of all, improving your writing skills will help your grammar. With this, you will be able to present yourself professionally, giving you a leg up over some of your counterparts. Since the first way headhunters and recruiters get to know you is through your resume or CV, your ability to write about your experience concisely and coherently is very important. 

To make your resume more polished, write a few versions of it, using different words to describe your previous jobs and studies. When it’s done, make sure that these drafts correlate with the position you’d like to apply for and use the one that sounds the most convincing. If you still don’t like what you got, contact a cheap essay writing service for help.  

2. Have a fantastic cover letter

Job applications often require a cover letter. It is your second attempt to explain why you are the best one for the position. If you have good writing skills, such a letter will not take long to prepare.

As you’re job hunting, don’t forget to leverage resources such as ZipRecruiter. They give you insights and advice from experts that you can use to improve any and all parts of your application! And having a good writing foundation will already give you a leg up.

3. Write better emails

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If you already have the job of your dreams, you can focus on improving your ability to write letters and emails. Knowing how to send professional, engaging emails gives you more chances to network successfully. The only rule here is that the more you practice, the better your writing becomes. 

4. Improve oral presentation skills

An individual who writes well usually speaks well too. Therefore, your writing skills will contribute a lot to your oral reports and speeches.

If you are weak at writing scripts for oral presentations, don’t worry. The services that help to write a paper online also offer speech writing. You can order a sample speech or customize the text for your personal needs, as well as look through their tips to prepare it on your own. 

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5. Provide more credibility to your reports

If you remember your first written paper in college, you probably don’t like the number of mistakes you made. Over the years, as you were writing essays and reports, you made fewer errors and the process became easier.

The same applies to your reports at work: the more often you write, the better they get. Your boss will notice that you try harder to develop yourself. You never know, that could lead to a promotion!

6. Give new voice to your ideas

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Creative people often have a lot of ideas to propose, but sometimes lack the understanding of how to make them sound tempting to others. They could have run a few successful startups already but don’t know how to tell the world about their concept. Consequently, they fail to attract investors to their projects. 

To avoid such a situation, our advice is to read a lot and practice writing all your thoughts down. Don’t get caught up in your current level of ability, consider where you can be with some practice!

Take notes often so you will not lose any of your ideas. Then, you can go back later to develop them into a large project. When you have sufficiently improved your writing skills, then you can pitch your ideas.

All great writers use a classic Moleskin notebook to jot down their big ideas. You can buy one today on Amazon Prime!

7. Enrich your career 

As well-written texts get noticed and praised, the poorly written pieces are also noticed. However, no one will praise you for the latter. We don’t say you need to be a writer to have a decent job, but what you definitely have to do is make yourself clear and knowledgeable in your writing. 

To become an expert in writing for your job, read reports and papers prepared by your colleagues and renowned specialists in your field. Pay attention to the way they talk about their concepts, terminology they use, and works they reference. In doing so, you will know the level of writing that is expected of you and it will help you to become even more successful in your job than ever before. 


Nowadays, writing is more than a skill for those who do it professionally. It is a method of becoming more competitive and influential among your colleagues and rivals, that is why you should not underestimate it. Improving your writing skills today will certainly help your career in the future.How Improving Your Writing Skills Will Help Your Career


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