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How To Achieve Your Dream Career

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Have you been in the same old dead-end job for too long now? If you have, it may be time to try and switch up your career path. People may say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I’m sure we can prove them wrong! Getting on a new career path can not only do wonders for your confidence, but it could also mean a hefty pay rise! So how do you go about changing your life and career for the better? Here are a few handy steps that will set you off in the right direction.



  1. Talk to your boss or manager

If you’re not happy in your current role, take some time to talk to your superior. After all, they are there to help you and ensure you feel comfortable in your role. If you feel overworked, they may be able to reduce your workload or increase your holiday time. If you’ve been after a promotion, see if they can tell you what needs to be done to work your way up the hierarchy. Companies hate to see employees leave, so if they realise you’re unhappy, they will want to work with you to help you have a happy work-life.

  1. Learn new skills

If your manager is unable to help you out, then it’s time to get a new job. To help yourself on the job hunt, learn a new set of skills. If you are sick of being stuck in an office and want a hands-on role, learn a craft. If you want to travel in your next job, learn a language. Ever considered Spanish School? Not only will new skills benefit your working life, but they will also give you a new hobby, as well as improving your quality of life in general.

  1. Update your resume

You’ll be sending out a resume as part of job applications. There’s no point sending out the one you used to bag your current position. As you’re making a career change, you also need to change up your CV. Make sure it lists any new skills you’ve learnt and explain why you are looking to jump onto a new career path. Ensure the resume is tailored to the job you are applying for. For example, a job advert may say you need excellent customer service skills. So write your new CV to highlight any experience of customer service you may have.



  1. Prepare for your interview

If a prospective employer likes the look of your resume, they’ll invite you for an interview. How do you impress at an interview? With confidence! As preparation, think of any questions you may be asked, and come up with answers for them. Practising with a friend or relative is another great form of interview preparation. Don’t forget to dress smartly on the day. Employers won’t be impressed if you turn up in slouchy jeans, sports shoes and a casual jumper! Guys, smarten up with a suit and girls, put on your best dress!

All ready to kick-start your next career? Good luck!

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How To Achieve Your Dream Career


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