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Getting A Great Career Without Going To College

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It’s a common problem in the modern world that most people need to get a great job by first getting to university, graduating from college, and obtaining a suitable degree. But at the moment, due to austerity and other various issues, it seems that other people are not able to go to college because they simply cannot afford to take part in a degree course. And while many people need to aim for the stars, is it actually possible to embark on a career without going to college? It seems that it is possible, but there are certain things to bear in mind before you embark on this path.

great career without going to college

Be Realistic

It can be very tempting to think that you can wander into a decent high-paying job without a degree but it’s best not to get ideas above your station because so many people who have worked their way up to the top started right from the bottom. And everybody’s had to do it. As a result, it does teach you a decent moral compass and gives you the best perspective on how to approach this from a realistic standpoint.

Pick Your Career

Sometimes if we haven’t got a degree or the appropriate qualifications, it will be difficult to get a look-in at all, and so one thing that can suit you when it comes to choosing a right career path is to pick one that actually suits your personality. There are many different organizations that specialize in different skills, such as a company like Dollar General who focus on education and skills as part of their employee package and Dollar General careers show that a lot of organizations are doing what they can to make the most of hiring people that don’t have the necessary skills. There are plenty of careers that don’t need the necessary skills, but you can learn them on the job.

Become An Expert In Your Field

There are many options for those who do not have the relevant qualifications to train outside of work, and you only have to do a quick search online to see what options there are for you. From online courses to additional training run by specific organizations as well as local authorities that can give people hints and tips on getting the relevant skills to succeed at an interview or further. By becoming an expert in your field, it makes you an indispensable asset to any business because you have a high amount of skills. It is important to bear this in mind when it comes to people that may be vying for your job.

Understand The Importance Of Networking

Unfortunately, it’s not just about making a name for yourself on paper with the necessary skills; it’s actually about who you know rather than what you know a lot of the time which serves you in good stead when you don’t have a degree. And it is worth bearing this in mind when applying for any job now, or in the future, that networking is a skill that you can learn and that you should learn to help you progress up the career ladder.


It’s important to bear in mind that with any new job or career choice comes a considerable set of challenges. Just because you may not have the relevant qualifications doesn’t mean that you are not capable of doing the job. A lot of people have worked up the ladder from nothing and have achieved lots without getting a college degree, if you are one of these people who doesn’t possess the “right” qualifications or any qualifications at all, then take heed from this advice.

Is it actually possible to have a great career without going to college? It s possible, but there are things to bear in mind before you embark on this path.

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