4 T-Shirt Subscription Boxes That You Should Know About

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T-shirt subscription boxes are becoming a popular model of purchasing and there is a good reason for that! Firstly, subscription boxes are great for having a constant supply of some of your most-used products. This can save you time from going to the local store or shopping mall. Also, subscription boxes often provide better deals where you can get the products for cheaper prices.

When it comes to products that can be featured in a subscription box, the sky is the limit. Currently, the most purchased subscription boxes are snacks, underwear, and t-shirts. T-shirts are the most commonly used garment from our wardrobe and it is always great to have a fresh new t-shirt stored in the back.

In today’s article, we will research the best subscription boxes that offer high-quality t-shirts to keep your wardrobe fresh at all times.

Fresh Clean Tees

This is a t-shirt subscription box that is slowly making a name for itself in the industry. And just by looking at what they offer, it is easy to understand why.

They have comfortable, stylish, and high-quality t-shirts that are perfect for any occasion, whether used as an undergarment or for going out on a Friday night!

Fresh Clean Tees, as the name suggests, specializes only in t-shirts, but they offer different styles, like crewnecks and v necks.

You can choose your supply interval–if you’d like to get a box with three t-shirts every month, bi-monthly or quarterly.  This subscription box will cost you $44 per month which means that each t-shirt costs around $15 which is a good value for your money.


This is another popular t-shirt subscription box that offers high-quality premium items for much lower prices than a retail store. Wohven is a company that specializes in t-shirts and they pay close attention to quality.

All of their products are made from a cotton/polyester blend (60/40) which is pre-shrunk. This means that it is comfortable and stretchable and it will last for a lifetime.

This subscription box offers t-shirts with a minimalistic design which makes them perfect for every occasion. The cost of this subscription box is $13 per month plus the shipping fee, which is very cheap considering the quality you are getting.

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Loot Tees

Here we have a different type of t-shirt subscription box that is all about creativity and style. Loot Tees is a niche-themed subscription box with geek spirit and some creative t-shirt designs. Each month, you can expect to get some unique and one-time designs that will fit your taste.

They have many sizes, including 3XL for women and 5XL for men. All of the items are designed by artists, which means that you cannot find the same exact t-shirt in your local clothing store.

This subscription box costs $13.99 which is cheap enough for an artist-designed high-quality t-shirt.

Tomorrows Laundry

Tomorrow’s Laundry is a subscription box that specializes in everyday essentials like tank tops, hoodies, and of course, t-shirts.

As with the other subscription boxes, the main focus is on shipping high-quality t-shirts made from pre-shrunk sustainable fabrics, and higher stitch counts. This is a premium t-shirt subscription box that offers the highest-quality garments.

All you need to do is fill in the form on their website! This will give them an idea about your taste, color favorites, and size, and the rest is up to them. Once you join the club, a stylist will hand-pick the right products for you and you can expect them to arrive at your doorstep every month.

This subscription box is more expensive than the others we covered, coming at $68 per month, but each box contains 1-2 luxury items that are valued at more than $120 at retail stores. This sounds like a pretty good deal that is hard to walk away from.

These are some of the best t-shirt subscription boxes that are currently available on the market.

Make sure you do your research and go for a t-shirt subscription company with years of experience in the industry, just to make sure the process goes flawlessly, and you get the perfect t-shirts for your taste.

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