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Shopping for Beginners: How to Find Your Dream Mattress

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Any new mattress you acquire is one of the most crucial factors affecting your life for a while. Hence, because sleep can affect your life while awake, getting your perfect mattress that ensures all your sleeping needs are met is essential.

If you find yourself needing a new mattress and you are unsure how to do it, this article will be the guide that you need! You will learn seven considerations when shopping for your dream mattress.

Choose a Mattress Type

Besides searching for the highest rated mattress to find an excellent purchase option, you can also follow a method of considering your specific preferences when shopping. For instance, you can decide on the mattress type depending on what you want your next mattress to be made of.

Although there are varying mattress types, the common ones include innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, water, and air, all classified on the primary materials used in their construction. Of course, the types also come in varying price ranges and accompanying features. Hence, it would be best if you researched to know which one suits your needs best.

Finalize the Mattress Size

This step is pretty simple, as all you need to do is finalize the number of people expected to sleep on the mattress. Then, you can proceed to choose between single, double, queen, or king mattresses.

For one adult person, a single or twin mattress provides ample space with its dimensions of 38 inches by 75 inches. If you expect more than one adult person to use it, then it would be best to test out larger sizes, such as the double or full (54 in. by 57 in.), queen (60 in. by 80 in.), king (76 in. by 80 in.), or others.

Consider Your Body Type

Commonly, people can be categorized into three body types depending on their construction. These body types include ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs. Moreover, knowing your body type is beneficial in determining how much support from a mattress you need.

To be specific, ectomorphs are those identified as “skinny” and have low muscle and fat mass. On the other hand, endomorphs are those identified as “plump” and whose bodies contain high muscle and fat mass. Lastly, mesomorphs are those with average amounts of muscle and fat mass.

  • Ectomorphs – Soft mattresses are recommended to cushion the bony prominences that tend to stick out more with this body type.
  • Endomorphs – People with plumper bodies should get firm mattresses to support their weight and ensure their sleeping position is not compromised by the excessive sinking in otherwise softer mattresses.
  • Mesomorphs – Medium-firm mattresses are perfect for providing equal amounts of cushioning and support.

Think About Your Sleeping Position

Similar to your body type, your sleeping position can also determine the amount of support you need from your mattress. This matter is significant as each sleeping position comprises the body in various ways that, if left with insufficient support, can cause discomfort during sleep.

To counter the pressure on the spine brought about by sleeping on the back or stomach, firm mattresses help retain the spine’s natural curves. Side sleepers tend to put more pressure on bony prominences; hence, they should get soft mattresses. Finally, combination sleepers can settle with medium-firm beds for their versatile support.

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Prepare Your Budget

Due to the various combinations of features and materials used in their construction, mattresses are priced variedly. Hence, you have to prepare your budget according to your preferences and demands.

If you want your next mattress to have high-quality materials, you can expect to pay higher prices. However, if your demands are simple, you won’t pay as much.

Explore As Many Shops As Possible

Take advantage of the multitudes of local stores available in your area. Although you can find an excellent prospect in one shop, you might still find better mattresses in other shops. Of course, this applies to both physical and online stores.

Not only will this give you more options to browse through, but it will also allow you to compare prices! This way, you can settle with the shop that sells the best product for the best price. You can also lookup different mattress reviews!

Make Use of the Assistance

With the vast array of physical displays, mattress stores can be intimidating.

However, when in doubt, you can always make use of the assistance from sales representatives. With them, you can ask for clarifications and guidance in your journey towards finding the best mattress for you.

Searching for a new mattress can be overwhelming. Especially with the considerable amount of options and staggering prices in the market. However, with the right amount of research and knowledge, finding the best mattress to match all your sleeping needs should be a breeze.

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