What Does A Duck & A Bad Hair Day Have In Common?

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Have you seen this commercial before?

Pretty funny huh? A duck messing up these poor women’s hair! Talk about a bad hair day. My worse hair day was only a few weeks ago. Take a look–but don’t laugh!


It almost looks like I took a trip to the duck salon! This is the result of taking your hair out of a high poof and going straight to bed. Don’t do that!

Easy Tips To Avoid Waking up Like This  images

Hair Tip #1: Invest in Silk or Satin pillowcases! These are awesome because I am way too lazy to actually put on a                                scarf or bonnet before bed. I am a wild sleeper too, so they never stay put!

Hair Tip #2: Coconut oil is the bees knees! Any time that I feel like my hair is lifeless or dry, coconut oil is always                                 there to quickly revive it!

Hair Tip #3: Can’t help having a bad hair day? Accessories are your best friend! Headbands and scarves can go a                                long, long way on any bad hair day.

Follow those easy hair tips and you will never have another bad hair day again!

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That is why those women were able to overlook their bad hair do’s at the salon! Check out Aflac, Millennials! They are a great company who does great things!


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