Are You With the Person You Should Marry?

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Most relationships these days are working towards marriage, and living a long and happy life together. But how do you know if you’re with the person you should marry? How do you know if they are the one for you? First, you need to stop thinking there’s only one person out there for you. There are multiple people out there who you would be suited to! It’s a case of choosing the one you want to marry, not thinking the universe will tie them up with a bow so you know ‘for sure’. It’s all down to you! Here are some signs you should consider committing to the one you’re with:

You Can Both Compromise

Can you both compromise to make one another happy? It shouldn’t be a one sided thing. You should both be able to compromise to ensure you’re both getting the most out of the relationship. Focusing on meeting one another’s needs should be a priority.

You’re Proud of One Another

If you know your partner is proud of being with you, and you feel the same, it’s a sure sign you’re going places together. You should be proud of one another’s achievements, personalities, and more. It shouldn’t just be about looks!

You Have the Same Values

Having the same values is what will hold you together in the long run. You should both want the same things for the future and from the relationship. If one of you is set on kids and the other isn’t, you’ll have problems. If one values marriage and the other doesn’t, you’ll have problems. You should both be willing to look for wedding invitations on, not just one of you while the other reluctantly looks on!  

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You’re Not Bored After Years Together

Ideally, you will have been together a few years before you decide to marry. You shouldn’t be bored after years together either. You should still be in love and happy. You should still know how to keep things exciting, and enjoy spending time together.

You Have Mature Love

Having mature love is important. It’s the love you have left over after the butterflies have disappeared. When your flaws have started to show, and you’ve had one or two arguments. It usually develops after around 3 years together, when you’re getting completely comfortable with one another. Anybody can say they want to marry during the butterflies stage. Marrying when you’re both comfortable is different!

You Tell Each Other Everything

If they are the first person you go to when you have news and vice versa, then it’s a very good sign. It isn’t just about gossiping together though; you should both know how to communicate properly. Communication is the key to staying together in the long run. Many relationships break down due to a lack of communication.

You Don’t Fight All the Time

Having a fight every now and again is OK, providing you’re trying to work it out and you’re not just point scoring. It can even be healthy. However, if you both fight all the time, it isn’t good for either of you. There comes a point in some relationships where you have to accept you have many problems. You can either find someone to help you work through them if you think it’s worth it, or call it a day. Arguing with your partner every day isn’t a good thing!

Are You With the Person You Should Marry?

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