5 Easy Ways You Can Meet Dates That Are Not Online

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Dating can be hard. Between busy schedules and not having the time to find dates, it can be killer to your dating life. And even though we are in the age of online dating, that too comes with some flaws. It can be costly and a time suck out of your day. So what do you do when none of those are working out for you? Give up? No! There are 5 easy ways you can still meet dates, none of which are online.

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I know, I know. I literally just said how busy life can be and there is almost no time to find dates. But bear with me here.

Volunteering can be amazing for your dating life. This puts you out in a new environment that you would not have experienced before. New environment= new people and new people= potential dates. Going out and volunteering gives you the opportunity to meet some new and cool people. And even though you may not hit it off with anyone you volunteer with, you may end up becoming friends with them.

I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not looking for more friends. I thought the point of this article was for me to find dates.” Well, think of it like this. You become closer to the people you volunteer with and you will more than likely hangout outside of volunteering. This would lead to you meeting some of their friends and family. Boom! You have an even wider net of potential dates.

So volunteering can do some crazy good for your love life. Plus, it kind of goes without saying that you would be doing some good for whichever organization you choose to work with. Win-win.

2.Do Things You Enjoy


If you are just too crazy busy and can’t add something extra like volunteering, then no worries, there is still a way for you to meet dates that are not online. All you have to do is continue doing what you’re already doing. Yeah, you heard me. Continue doing what you do in your free time.

However, be sure to open yourself up more to the possibility of meeting someone. So if you enjoy going for a run (I don’t know why you would but to each their own), try running without headphones in and just be open to the environment. Or if you love reading in your spare time, take your book out to the park and find a bench. Some of the best encounters and potential dates can be found when you are already doing something that makes you comfortable.

Let’s think about the show Friends for a second. If you think about it, each of the characters seems to almost always have dates. And where do they find these dates? Sitting around at Central Perk just enjoying life like they always do. They have placed themselves in an area where they are comfortable and different people are coming in and out all the time.

Find your Central Perk where you are most comfortable and are open to meeting new people.

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One of the biggest hang-ups there seems to be with online dating is the lack of connection. I mean honestly, you are just staring at a screen communicating until at some point you decide to meet up. And for some, you begin to create an online relationship versus one in real life.

Well, one perfect way of getting back to making a bit of a connection would be a chat line. Being able to call and set up a date is a perfect introducer. I truly believe you can determine if you will have a good connection with someone based on their voice. So with a chat-line, you get to connect and have a much more authentic conversation.

When it is over an app or the internet, conversations can become so rehearsed and polished. You don’t want a polished person. You want someone that is real.

Plus, this cuts down on the fear of finding dates taking up too much time. You can have a chat anytime, anywhere. There are so many great companies to go through as well. Using some of these services are even cheaper than most online dating sites want to charge.

Go on over and take a look at these top singles chatlines that you can try for free!

4.Singles Club

There are so many singles groups or meetups available to those looking for dates.

For those that don’t know what a singles club is, it is typically a group of singles that meet up and go do fun activities. You are essentially on like a huge group date and then you just narrow it down to the few that you would like to go out with one-on-one.

And what’s so exciting is that these groups always have new and different people coming in and out. Once again, there may be a chance that you see no one you are interested in but might become friends with. What did we say before about making new friends? It has some great potential to meet even more people and be set up.



Speaking of set-ups, let us go ahead and break that stigma. When most people talk about blind dates or being set up by a friend, there is usually a groan or eye roll. Everyone seems to dread that they would meet someone they didn’t choose for themselves. But honestly, what is so wrong with that?

You genuinely don’t much about the person until you go out with them anyway so what is the deal? Plus, who knows you better than your friends. They, most times, would only set you up with people that they think would be a great match for you. I sometimes wish my friends would pick out a guy for me because

1) that saves time on me having to do it (reference back to that busy lifestyle)


2) they know pretty well what I like and I don’t like. So don’t hate on the blind date/set up from friends.

It is definitely one of the best ways to meet dates that are not online.


There are so many alternatives to meet dates that are not online. You don’t need to fear being forever alone if you are not tech-savvy or just miss the days before. With these 5 alternative choices, you are one step closer to finding your future soulmate.


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