Busy Women Fight Blisters With Compeed

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I have a really unfortunate habit of keeping my worn-out shoes for too long. They crack, they break, the insides fall apart, and I will continue to wear them until they disintegrate right under me. I do this because I hate shoe shopping, but it’s not so great for the feet my shoes are supposed to protect. Ironically, neither are the new shoes I finally purchased. Now in my new, stylish state, I’m getting blisters on my toes trying to break in my new boots. It causes a ton of discomfort, which just slows me down.

That’s where Compeed ® came in. These easy-to-apply, discreet cushions are designed for fashionable and active women with a million things to do in a day. You just place it right on your foot!

I’m a student, an editor, an intern, a member of several clubs, and I still love to go out with my friends in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor (which involves a ton of walking since it’s a downtown city area). And I think most of us know the potential pain of wearing heels for an entire night out.
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Whether I’m running to class in my new boots, or heading to a Baltimore hot spot in my heels, I could use the extra protection so I can stay comfortable and looking great throughout the day or night. You barely notice they’re there and they just detach naturally over the course of a few days, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them often. This is great because with my schedule, I don’t need another thing to think about while I’m rushing from one meeting to another.

compeed blister stripsCompeed’s ® wide range of products make it easy to protect any afflicted area. Over the course of a few days, I tried the Blister Small Cushions on the back of my ankles (since my shoes rub pretty hard against them), and the Blister Medium Cushions on my heels. Honestly, I kind of wanted to cover my entire foot with them before my fifteen-minute walk to a remote building beyond campus, but decided that might be a little much, and just settled on a few smalls on my pinkie toes to avoid the discomfort of pressing into the side of my boot.

Compeed® also makes Corn Cushions and Blister Extreme Cushions, both popular in Europe for the past 30 years! Who knew, right? 97% of European women who rated and reviewed Compeed® products said that they would recommend them to a friend—you really can’t beat that. I would recommend these to any women who need a little extra protection from “the elements” (and by elements, I mean your cute-but-uncomfortable shoes, long hours at work, and late nights out dancing). Thankfully, I can recommend them now because as of about a month ago, Compeed ® is be sold at Walgreens stores in the U.S.!

Compeed® Blister Mixed Sizes Cushions is $8.99, and suggested retail price for Blister Extreme Cushions is $9.49.

Have you tried Compeed ®? What did you think?

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Fight Blisters With Compeed

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