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So You Bought A New Car, Now What?

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So You Bought A New Car, Now What?

So you bought a new car…now what? Getting a new car can be a super exciting time, but there are a few steps you should take to ensure you’re prepared to drive it before you call your friends and go on a road trip or out for brunch. Don’t get too excited and make sure you take the steps outlined here so that you’re ready to drive safely and keep your car in excellent condition.

Here’s what to do now that you have bought a new car.

Check that your car is in tip-top shape

The first thing you need to do is to check your car over for any potential issues. Ideally, before buying the vehicle, you will have checked out the lights, any scratches and chips, the brakes, air-con, and anything else that could present problems. If you didn’t, now is the time.

You should also see if you can check out when the car was last serviced and what showed up. The car may seem perfect, but if you don’t check for recent repairs or recommended repairs, you may end up spending more money on it sooner than you think. 

Get Familiar With the Controls and Features

Once you’re sure all is well with the car, you can start practicing with the controls and features. You should know where your wipers are, how to use cruise control, and how you use the satellite navigation system. With some modern cars, you can set the lights to automatic so that they adjust themselves and you never have to touch them, which can be handy.

If somebody at the dealership doesn’t explain this to you adequately, then you should be able to find some videos on YouTube outlining what to do with your particular car. 

Plan Your Journey Carefully 

Planning your travel is imperative, especially in a new car. You’re still getting used to the car, so make sure you allow for extra time so you can be careful as you drive.

Look up the route and the weather, paying attention to any delays that could slow you down and cause you to stress. Make sure you’re well-rested and that you don’t have a drop of alcohol in your system, or you may end up needing to contact a defense lawyer. You shouldn’t take any chances. 

Make Plans For Your Old Car

If you have another car at home and you haven’t traded it in, make sure you take action quickly. You may want to sell it privately, but it’s often easier and means quicker cash if you sell it to a car buying company. Scrapping it should be a last resort. 

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Inform Your Insurance 

Make sure you contact your insurance company as quickly as you can. Securing coverage is a must, or you won’t be able to drive your car home! If you don’t inform your insurance company that you have a new car, you won’t be covered should anything go wrong. Make sure you also sort out your road tax if you have to pay that, too.


If you do these things before you hit the road, you’ll have a much better experience with your new car.

So You Bought A New Car, Now What?

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