The Big Wine Recall: How to Drink Safely and Cheaply  

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The Big Wine Recall-How to Drink Safely and Cheaply  

Inexpensive wine brands like Franzia have made it possible for the young adult on a budget to indulge in boozy nights with friends without emptying their entire savings account. Dreams of continuing this lifestyle well into our middle agedness died this past week as a lawsuit was filed again 28 California wineries on allegations of “dangerously high levels of arsenic,” according to Mother Jones. Franzia, in addition to other popular brands, such as Trader Joe’s “Two-Buck Chuck,” are included in the batch deemed potentially unsafe. Though these allegations are still under investigation and “wine industry groups have begun to contest the lawsuit’s contentions and motive” (Mother Jones), wine drinkers are being encouraged to avoid the accused wine brands for the time being.

Here are some suggested alternatives to—at the very least—get you through this difficult time with your health and wallet in tact.

Instead of Franzia Vintner Select White Zinfandel, try Costal Vines White Zinfandel ($3.99)

coastal vines wine bottle

Perhaps it isn’t the same experience as slapping the bag, but who cares when you’re getting a little more class for your cash?

Instead of Menage a Trois Moscato, try Yellow Tail Moscato ($9.99)

yellow tail wine bottle

Moscato is deliciously sweet regardless of brand. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a well-known name like Yellow Tail on your side! Often times a bottle is actually more like $7.99.

Instead of Cook Spumante, try Andre ($5.49)

  andre wine bottlesAndré comes in a variety of flavors, with its classic champagne as the brand’s frontman. Perfect straight up or in mimosas. I can guarantee, this will make boozy brunch a hit.

Instead of Bandit Chardonnay, try Clos du Bois Chardonnay ($10.99)

clos du bois wine bottleThe name in itself is fancy enough! This wine is definitely worth a try.


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For more information on how you can drink healthily, check out the full list of brands under investigation.

The Big Wine Recall How to Drink Safely and Cheaply  

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