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Awesome Entry-Level iGaming Jobs You Can Land Right Now

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Gambling is a favorite hobby for millions of people worldwide. Don’t trust us? Well, what if we told you that the number of Las Vegas visitors per year reaches about 19 million, and 73% of them go there to gamble? And this is just one of the numerous gambling hubs scattered across the globe.

However, gambling isn’t only a hobby. It’s also a fast-growing igaming jobs market with plenty of solid employment opportunities. With the rise of remote casinos, the iGaming sector has become especially attractive to those looking for exciting and well-paid positions. In this article, let’s see what the jobs you can get in this industry right now are.

There are options for professionals of all kinds, from developers to content creators.


Casino manager, finance manager, content manager, SEO manager, affiliate manager. All these are roles you can have as a professional working in the iGaming field.

Many people aren’t aware of the high-scale operations on the other side of the screen. Both casino operators and game providers represent huge companies that need to fight fierce competition in a lucrative market.

So, management roles are not only in high demand but also well-paid. Experienced professionals can expect six-figure salaries if they join one of the best-known iGaming brands.


If marketing is your forte, then iGaming won’t disappoint. Even with strict advertisement regulations in many markets, brand awareness is everything.

You can take various paths here, from focusing on content marketing as a manager or a content creator to taking over social media presence. Affiliate marketers are essential for affiliate casino businesses, and marketing analysts are also in high demand.

These positions aren’t typically as well-paid as the rest. Still, the salaries are solid, and there’s space for growth. More importantly, iGaming is an exciting market where you can really unleash your creativity and reach new highs in your career.


Developers have tons of opportunities in the iGaming sector. If you browse through any reputable job search engines, you’ll find options like senior data engineer, data warehouse developer, lead Java developer, backend developer, senior DevOps engineer, and more.

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Someone needs to design, develop, and test all those casino games, payment systems, and complex platforms. Moreover, mobile gambling has been growing rapidly.

Thus, this vertical has opened new jobs for iOS and Android application developers. The salaries are competitive and depend on where you live as well as on your experience.

Other iGaming Jobs to Consider

Besides these three main categories where you’ll find numerous openings, there are some options to consider too. For example, customer care representatives are always in high demand. Players appreciate knowledgeable and friendly support. So, operators often invest in that department.

Live casino solutions have been very popular lately. This vertical has opened positions for professional dealers whose job is to host the games and socialize with players. Experience helps here, but some providers like Evolution also offer extensive training to new employees.

Compliance is another essential part of the iGaming industry, especially for those working in strictly regulated markets. Chief compliance officer, therefore, is one of the jobs that come with an attractive salary. In this category, we’d like to mention officers in charge of fraud and player protection, AML officers, and responsible gambling officers.

Bottom Line

In many cases, to get iGaming jobs, you don’t even need to know anything about the sector. Of course, it’s always good to have a basic understanding of how the market works.

Yet, that’s often not necessary as all these giant companies are ready to provide training to recruits. So, if you value flexibility, innovations, and growth, pursuing a career in iGaming may be something to consider.

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