5 Women’s Surfing Retreats To Enjoy This Summer

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If you’re one of the women in the world proving that surfing is so much more than a men’s sport, we welcome you. While donning your wetsuit for a quick day out onto the waves with men and women from all walks of life can be a thrilling experience in and of itself, from time to time we all crave a week or two in paradise, dedicated to nothing but the surf. Women’s surfing retreats are built around this craving, designed to give you an unforgettable break that puts your mind, body, soul, and sport right at the forefront of the package. Here are eight of our favorites from across the globe.

  • Chicks On Waves – Algarve

Algarve surfing retreat

This family-friendly surf retreat is the perfect opportunity to learn to surf or hone your skills from the beauty and comfort of a stunning villa, boasting private double rooms, shared rooms, single rooms, and a living area and pool to share with your fellow retreat-goers. They offer a vast range of packages, including: 

  • Stay Only – 7 nights in the villa, breakfast lunch and dinner, water, coffee, tea and fruits, and free WiFi. 

  • Stay & Yoga – This is another 7-night stay, with 5 yoga lessons and free use of mountain bikes in addition to the above.

  • Surf, Stay & Yoga – This includes all of the above, with 5 days of surf lessons (board and transport included).

They also offer 6 night stays, a mother & daughter Surf & Stay which includes a massage, a Couples Surf & Stay which includes a massage and a breakfast buffet, and additional options to book surf lessons individually, or extra nights at the lodge.

  • Pura Vida Adventures – Costa Rica

Pura Vida Costa Rica surfing beach

The Pura Vida Adventures retreat takes place in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and is set with warm water and world-class surfing opportunities. The retreat provides all-inclusive packages for up to 6 nights, including a number of day trips to key surf spots that are away from the beaten track, as well as daily surf lessons, daily yoga classes, therapeutic massage, three gourmet meals a day and video analysis from the expert coaching staff. 

During your stay, you’ll be set up at the Hotel Tropico Latina, which is the beachfront resort you’ve been dreaming of. Just a few steps away from the sand, the hotel is complete with a pool, plenty of lounge areas, and a nearby beachfront restaurant for a delicious meal or to stop for a drink,

  • Kelea Surf Spa – Oahu, Hawaii or Costa Rica

This particular retreat can take place in one of two locations – Oahu in Hawaii, or Costa Rica. They boast a holiday that will have you surfing in a week, even if you’ve never stepped on a board in your life, with plenty of opportunities to practice wellness, healthy living, and head out into the surrounding area to explore and be active in nature.

Packages also allow for one massage, and two relaxing yoga sessions, on top of learning surfing basics, ocean awareness and skills like wave selection, turn techniques and surf etiquette. In Hawaii, you’ll stay in a rustic and authentic surf house, while in Costa Rica, you’ll reside in one of seven Cabanas, indulging in luxury at the Ritmo Tropical Hotel in Playa Carmen.

  • SwellWomen – Hawaii, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Indonesia

swell women for surfing retreat

SwellWomen is designed to offer a retreat that covers every detail, taking out the stress of organizing an itinerary for you and your fellow travelers. Combining surfing, yoga, cooking, and wellness, this particular retreat can be taken in one of six different tropical locations across the globe, including Hawaii, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, and Indonesia. 

While it can vary depending on your chosen location, most trips include a beachfront hotel or accommodation, expert surf instructors, a massage, freshly-cooked meals, a professional photoshoot and a bag of goodies for you to take home with you. If you want a break from the surfboard, some locations also offer snorkeling, cruises in a catamaran and biking.

  • Ocean Soul Retreat – Bali

ocean soul bali for surfing

Ocean Soul Retreat in Bali offers every holidaymaker 10 hours of surfing lessons at a pace that suits you and your skill level. They boast a tailored experience dependant on how much experience you have, with a four-step teaching process that involves explanation, demonstration, participation, and feedback. 

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This retreat is truly the one of choice if you’re looking to learn how to surf, but will also offer you nutritious breakfasts, wellness workshops, massages, therapies, yoga sessions, an Ocean Soul rash vest, various gifts, digital access to photographs taken during the stay and, of course, luxurious accommodation. 

When it comes to surfing retreats, you’ll certainly never be limited on the variation to choose from, even when you’re looking for a women-only escape. Whether you’re ready to jet off to Bali, or would rather sit back and relax in the Hawaiian heat, hopefully, this guide has given you a great starting point for your next big break.

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Women’s surfing retreats are designed to give you an unforgettable break that puts your mind, body, soul, and sport right at the forefront of the package.

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