11 Things You Should Never Pay Full-price For

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Saving is the name of the game. Now, I’m not rich, and I work hard for my money. With that said, it is sometimes painful for me to part with it. To minimize the pain, I try to do this as little as possible, with as little as possible. Fortunately for you, that means that I have all the savings tips in the world, and I’m willing to share them! So jump on the discount bandwagon with me. Its going to be smooth sailing from here on out.

1.Hair Removal

a discount

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Everything from waxing, threading and laser hair removal. You can get a discount on it all. When ever I’m feeling down because it time yet again to get my eyebrows tamed, I look on the bright side, at least it will be cheaper than the price advertised! There are literally ALWAYS a discount or coupon for hair removal, in any form. So make sure that you check it before heading out to get that done here.

2. Car Wash

a disount


I hate getting my car washed. This is in part to the fact that I hate spending money on things that I know will not last. What I despise even more is the embarrassment of having the dustiest car in the lot. So there good things about this too. Seeing my car nice and shiny makes the car one sting a lot less…

If you’re going to pay for things over and over, you should at least get a discount on it. So don’t be spontaneous and pull in to the first car wash you see whenever you have a spare moment. You should plan this out and look to see who has a promotion near you first. Start your research here.

3. Oil Change


Talk about paying for something over and over again. I feel like this is a never ending cycle. As soon as I get my oil changed I feel like its time for another just next week. Of course, it’s not as often as it may seem to me, but it is still often enough that I refuse to pay full price. Go here to get some delicious coupons.

4. Massage

a discount


Now here is something that I actually enjoy doing. After a long day at work and spending money on things I need, but don’t want (oil change), it’s nice to be able to splurge on something nice once in a while. A massage is a perfect gift to yourself. It’s not extremely expensive and it’s a great way to relax. But saving is still the name of the game so make sure that you get that discount!

5. Laptop & Accessories


This one is new to me. I never knew that there were so many discounts and coupons out there for laptops! And there’s no reason to argue the PC vs Mac struggle, there are discounts for both. After finding out this little fact, you can be sure that I will NEVER pay full price for a computer again. And not only that, speakers, cords, headphones and more, I will get a discount on them all! You can too, just look here.

6. Vacations

a discount


Yes, you heard right, you can get a vacation on the cheap. I have the option of going to a weekend getaway to a Spa resort for up to 48% off. But why stop there? We can get to Thailand for 10 days or to the Bahamas for 6. As long as you make sure you get a discount, it is within your budget. Definitely, check up some of the travel packages that you can get without paying full price here.

7. Clothing

a discount


Now, of course, it may not be possible to get all your clothing on sale all the time. But for the things that are not on sale at your favorite store, there may be a coupon that allows you to take off a certain percentage off your total purchase. These coupons normally only apply to non-sale items, but it helps! Think about it this way. If you use a coupon like that, no matter what you have in your shopping bag, nothing in it was paid for at full price. Great job-saving! Check out a bunch of these sales here.

8. Facials


Again, sometimes its nice to splurge on yourself! It’s also just necessary sometimes. We all work hard, and a facial is just the thing that will give you that perk you need and keep you looking youthful. And with all the saving that you’re doing, this facial is well deserved. And there are so many different kinds that you can get, check them out here.

9. Fitness Class

a discount


If you’re thinking of taking a fitness class then go for it! This is one of the best things that you can do for your health. Anything from Yoga, pilates, self-defense and cycling can be found any almost any area. And you can find almost any of these classes at a reduced price if you take the time to research it first. Don’t let the price tag be the determining factor in you getting in shape. Work that discount and then work those Gluts!

11. Teeth Whitening

a discount


Now once you save all this money, you’re going to be smiling a lot more often, so lets make sure those pearly whites are as white as they can be. I have to say, normally this is not something I would ever spend money on, but the deals make it impossible to resist! being able to afford perks like this is a direct result of saving money from all the thing mentioned previously. So lets continue that trend with this splurge as well. Get it at a discount, thanks!

Saving is the name of the game. So, it is sometimes painful for me to part with money. The solution? Never buy anything without first getting a discount.

  • Alli Smith

    I’m all about saving money and I rarely pay full price for anything. I’m checking all 11 things to save money on, especially on getting the car washed. I hate a dirty car, but hate paying full price even more.

  • This is a great list. I love saving money and truly hate to pay full price for anything. I am also a sucker for those apps that save you money. Haha. Any way I can save money or get money back… I am all for!

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  • I always look for ways to save money. These are great examples of things that should be bought only at a discount. I always use coupons for the car wash place down the street.

  • Ashley M

    I hate paying full price for anything. If I can help it I’ll even wait for a sale or coupon in order to save money.

  • Pam

    I never pay full price for clothes if I can help it. You can find so many clothes at thrift stores that have never even been worn before.

  • I could probably be saving so much money on these things. I really have to start paying attention to Groupon.

  • This is really cool, there are so many things you can certainly get a discount on using Groupon!

  • simplyjustnoel

    I’m all for saving money when I can! Groupon is my favorite place to check before spending a bunch of money on random things or trips. They always have great weekend activities for so little money! Thanks for sharing!

  • April Mims

    I’m always looking for a good deal. It’s especially easy to find good prices on massages in the area. Saving money is a great way to relax!

  • I always try and save money where I can. Thanks for sharing all of these great deals!

  • I rarely do have my carwash so every carwash is really worth it. Sometimes, I just let the rain wash it off. I guess it’s important to get the best deals on regular services you do.

  • Becca Wilson

    I save money whenever and wherever I can. I had no idea that you could save on things like facials and massages!

  • michele d

    I like to save whenever I can especially when it comes to traveling. It helps so much with this family of 6.

  • MJ

    I have a facial booked at a beauty school next week. I believe it saving and schools for various beauty and body treatments are great for that.

  • OhNikka

    I like your list and I totally agree with our!!

  • OhNikka

    I like your list and I totally agree with you!

  • I am loving the list thanks for sharing. If I can save anywhere I jump at the opportunity