The Unexpected Surprises of Parenthood

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As a mother of two, I’ve experienced the joys and disasters of a new baby. While motherhood is the greatest blessing imaginable, it brings on a slew of new challenges to face–some obvious, others not so much.  When you think of a new baby, you typically imagine an adorable, drooling, sleeping bundle of joy. It is hard to imagine the dramatic life changes which that newborn brings. Below are just a few adjustments you can expect to make.

Your habits will change

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If you were a heavy sleeper before you gave birth, that will probably change. Every sound that you hear will wake you. The way you get ready in the morning may become more relaxed, at least for the first few months. That’s okay, though; bushy brows and the au-natural look is a fashion statement. Juice in the morning? Forget about it. Bring on the coffee! Like long, hot showers? You’ll probably have to trade that for five-minute hot showers, temporarily at least. You will no longer change in private, get ready for work in private, or do anything else in private. That ship has sailed.

Your circle of friends may decrease or change

With the Y-Generation, it is not uncommon for a person to stay single well into their thirties. Therefore, when you have a child, it is not unnatural for your priorities to change from that of your single friends. Your life is all about nurturing and building a family while they may still be sowing their oats. Don’t take it personally if you begin to see some of those friends less often. Chances are, once they’ve settled down, they’ll make it back into your schedule.

Your relationship with your significant other will change

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Some people consider parenthood the ultimate test of a relationship, and with good reason. Neither of you will be sleeping. Then, while you’re in your overworked, underpaid, zombie phase, you’ll have to make decisions about your new baby. Should you let your baby sleep or wake them to eat? Should you run to the baby at each little whimper, or teach them to self-soothe? Who is the best doctor for your little darling? Use your differences in opinion to help your relationship grow. You need each other now, more than ever. It’s no longer mushy love for you two; it’s a real partnership. In my experience, raising a child is much easier when you have someone getting your back. That’s why  you have to learn to agree to disagree and come to the best decisions for your baby. You have to lean on each other when the going gets tough, or when you haven’t slept in 72 hours. You have to make your house a home and guide a little life. Things will never be the same, but you won’t regret it.

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The Unexpected Surprises of Parenthood

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