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The Importance of Goal Setting

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person walking to their goal, puzzle piece, goalGoal setting is beneficial for people reaching to succeed. It is easier to be successful when a plan of action is set. The task of goal setting is consistently recommended, but is it ever discussed why? Why is it beneficial to set goals?

The benefits of goal setting can be grouped into three simple sections: Mental Recognition, Visible Motivation, and Organization.

Thinking of a goal creates a mental note in the brain. Once goals are thought, they become ingrained. A person with set goals will sometimes unconsciously take actions towards the completion of the overall goal. The mind processes the idea and it becomes stuck in the brain.

Beyond having goals in mind, it is important to write them down. This will give the brain visible steps to follow. Writing goals down works to reiterate the information, which is more likely to be remembered the more it is written. Not only should the goals themselves be written down but the steps that need to be taken to reach each goal. Having this list of steps visually puts the goals in perspective—like visible motivation.

Thinking of a goal and writing it down, as well as its steps, makes for an organized lifestyle. A list of goals is supplementary to a map. It is a system of how daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly tasks can be completed. Goals don’t have to be elaborate; they can be as simple as what you are going to eat for the day! The process of goal setting can be used for any task.

Goals can be short term or long term and can be anything imaginable. It is surprising how much can be accomplished from setting goals. Do not be intimidated by the process because it changes upon the purpose. What really matters is having goals! A goal set is a goal half reached!

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