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How To Fit In Even Your Most Mundane Tasks Into Your Daily Schedule

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Most of us have a pretty neat schedule. We had to work and deal with meetings, deadlines, and many other professional tasks. Manage our social lives, meet with friends and family, take calls, etc.

Take care of our children if we have them. Ensuring they get to school on time, picking them up on time, and getting them to their extracurricular activities. We walk our pets, go to the gym, cook and prepare meals, carry out household chores… the list goes on.

Over time, everything begins to work like clockwork as we settle into a comfortable routine and schedule. But no matter how organized and determined you are, there will always be those things that slip off your to-do list.

These are things we need to get around to but aren’t urgent, so they consistently get pushed back. We like to refer to them as life admin. So why not take some time soon to get around to ticking them off your to-do list? Here are some suggestions that will help you achieve this.

Create a To-Do List

Start by creating a long to-do list with everything you need to get done regarding day-to-day tasks. Ideally, it would be best if you detailed them one by one in order of urgency or importance.

You may need to categorize them to make them more manageable. You could even add deadlines or milestones if this helps you in terms of your organization too.


Taxes feature highly on these types of lists. We all know that we need to do our self-assessments, and we all know that they have a deadline that comes around sooner than you may expect. But year after year, many of us leave this to the last minute.

Filing one's taxes can be daunting, so people often put it off until the last minute.

Struggling to get them done in time and finding help and resources are scarce, as others are doing the same thing. So instead, get started sooner rather than later and use the assistance of a professional and specialist like Vic Abajian. This will lift a weight from your shoulders.

Deep Cleaning

We all do our household chores, but when was the last time you conducted a deep clean? Sure, this may be time-consuming and isn’t necessary weekly or even monthly. But every once in a while, you need to tick these tasks off your to-do list to minimize the amount of dirt that builds up in neglected areas over time.

Typical tasks include deep cleaning the carpet with a carpet cleaning machine, wiping down your skirting boards, cleaning the oven, deep cleaning the toilet, and more. Sure, it’s not the most fun activity to engage in, but your home will be sparkling afterward.

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As you can see, life admin is crucial to engage with, and you will have to face it every once in a while. Hopefully, some of the information above will inspire you to get started!

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