They Did What?! 5 Rare Plastic Surgeries

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They Did What?! 5 Rare Plastic Surgeries

These days, plastic surgery has become somewhat commonplace. Most people know someone who had a procedure like a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, or another frequently performed plastic surgery. Some have even had one or more procedures themselves. Most people are familiar with typical plastic surgeries, but there are also some surprising and rare procedures performed on operating tables. Florida plastic surgeon Dr. John B. Fasano outlines many plastic surgeries that may surprise you, though he does not offer them at his office.

Take a look from head to toe at some of the most unusual and rare plastic surgeries patients are electing to have these days:

Plastic surgery

Windows to the Soul

One rare plastic surgery is intraocular implant surgery. It is now possible to change the eye color that you’ve had from birth. To make this dramatic change happen, surgeons put in intraocular implants, which alter the color of a person’s eyes. Originally, this procedure was intended for patients suffering from severe vision problems, but as people learned of the cosmetic benefit, some have sought out the procedure for aesthetic reasons. Experts consider intraocular implant surgery to be a highly risky procedure.

Have You

Heard The One About…?

The visual appeal of one’s ears may not be something that crosses most people’s minds with much frequency, but for some people, altering their ears is of utmost importance. Patients can choose to have injectable filler products, like those used for reducing facial wrinkles, injected into their earlobes to plump the earlobe and remove any wrinkles or creases. Among other reasons, patients site wanting younger-looking earlobes and restoration of the earlobes after years of wearing heavy earrings.

Even rarer than earlobe rejuvenation is electing to have the shape of the ears altered. Surgeons cut out a small portion of the top of the ear and then sew the ear back together to achieve this goal.  A notably pointed tip of the ear will be the result.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Losing weight can be a difficult undertaking for anyone. Those who feel they have exhausted all of their options may turn to an extreme plastic surgery measure. In this procedure aimed at aiding in weight loss, a small patch is surgically attached to the patient’s tongue.

The tongue patch procedure. It leaves the patient uncomfortable to the point where he or she cannot eat solid food. It is exclusively more on a liquid diet. The patch is left on for roughly a month’s time.

Crunch Time

“Six-pack” abdominal muscles are a much-coveted body feature. Magazine covers display them and exercise products promise to deliver them. If exercise and diet are not giving you the desired result, you could enlist a plastic surgeon to give you the elusive six-pack abs. Going beyond the much more common liposuction procedure, this uncommon and specific liposuction involves a plastic surgeon carefully removing fat tissue to showcase abdominal muscles.

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Touch Your Toes

For many centuries, women in some Asian cultures had their feet bound in order to have smaller feet. In a plastic surgery procedure somewhat reminiscent of this ancient tradition, plastic surgeons trim part of the pinky toe off to slim the foot. Proponents of this atypical surgery claim that the slimmer foot results in shoes being more comfortable to wear.

5 Rare Plastic Surgeries

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