10 Best Ways to Pack for College

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10 Best Ways to Pack for College

Attending college is fantastic and may be the best thing that has happened to you, and you have an idea about college paper writing services, but have you seen the packing checklist. It seems more like you are moving away forever. Though as a freshman packaging for college is tricky because you are moving to a new location so you are not sure what is necessary and what you don’t need. Sometimes you are joining a college far away from home and it is cumbersome carrying bags full of stuff. Most freshmen risk over packing things they won’t be using anytime soon.

Tip 1: Survey on How You Will Live

It is very important that you survey on the living arrangement in college. At least get an idea of how the dorms are if you have single rooms or how many people share a room. Is the dorm unisex? Find out if there is room for you to live on campus. If they have rooms what furniture’s to they offer. If you need to make your living arrangements off campus what extra supplies do you need. If you are sharing a room, you might need to adjust because imagine finding yourself in a room of four, with four microwaves and printers and such gadgets. The room cannot hold all of this, but you might need to buy some things that you will be sharing and split the cost amongst yourselves. At the end of the year, you can sell them and share the money.

Tip 2: Pack Wisely

Sometimes you are moving to college in another state, and you will not have the luxury of driving there, so you carry all you need. You might have to fit everything you will carry in suitcases. This is cumbersome when it comes to moving around because you will be moving around a lot. To ensure you pack wisely have fewer suitcases do not pack all fall clothes or winter clothes; to be on the safe side choose clothes that are multipurpose. A pair of jeans can be worn in fall or winter, and you will still look good. One pair can be worn a few times all you need is a change of the top daily. So you will need fewer pairs of jeans and some few layered clothes in case it gets chilly.

Tip 3: Pack Plenty

Well, there are some few things you need to pack in plenty. You can wear a pair of jeans several times, but you can’t wear a sweaty top twice. You also need to save yourself the number of times you visit the laundry to save time and money. You need plenty of tops because they are light and occupy less space and plenty of undergarments. Overpack the bras, socks, tops and underwears. This way you will be safe, and you will save money from the laundry.

Tip 4: Your Packing List

The most important things to consider in your packing list include electronics, clothes, and beddings. These are the basics you need to survive in college. It would be a bit tricky if you are going to buy all this stuff when you get to college, but packing them is for your peace of mind.

Tip 5: You Need One Formal Outfit

The college prepares you for the workplace. So when you are packing know there are times you will be required to dress formally for presentations or to attend job interviews. The other clothing you carry should be at least of standard, that if the worst comes to the worst you can adjust a few things and they become formal outfits. What if you get a job as an office assistant at a lawyer’s office will you dress like you are going out for a party throughout the day. You need to wear standard clothing because you cannot beg for clothes all the time.

Tip 6: Pack Only Your Favorite T-Shirt

If your college is like most of the rest during orientation, there will be plenty of T-shirts given. So if you must carry a T-shirt, only pick out your favorite so that you have space for the rest. If you wear workout clothes, you can carry them with you to college.

choosing your favorite clothes to pack for college

Tip 7:  Some Items Should Be Bought After You Get To College

It is true you want to be very ready when you get to college you have everything, but it is not everything you want, everything you need. Some of these things include storage containers, shoe organizers and such. You can only know if you need these things once you get to your room. It is advisable to spend some few weeks before acquiring them to determine how crucial they are for you.

Tip 8: Pack Things That Make You Happy

Pack a few things from home which are familiar to you to take the homesickness away. When you are in a new place, sometimes you need things which are familiar to you so that you feel a connection with the place. Take some things that you love and those that make you happy from home. Sometimes these things come naturally such as buying the same bath soap that you use at home, the same toothpaste or the same light bulbs. So take what will make you remember the best moments you have had at home.

Tip 9: Think Of How You Will Get To Class

Woman trying to pack for collegeYou will need this information beforehand so that you can buy comfortable shoes if class, lab, and work are within walking distance.  Sometimes you will find out that you might need a skateboard or a bike. Do you need a bike lock or how are bikes packed?

Tip 10: Do Not Fold Clothes

This is a tip most people are familiar with, instead of folding clothes roll them. If you want to pack more clothes into your suitcase roll them. It is space efficient and leaves much space to pack everything you need. If you are packing lots of clothes, roll them up.

Tips and tricks for packing for college are non-exhaustive because people discover something people do not know regularly. When choosing towels for college, you can buy quick drying towels; it is essential to buy clothes drying rack which is collapsible. Homeworkhelpdesk.org will be of great help in your academic study tips. A travel steamer comes in handy when you are ironing out wrinkles clothes, and you do not need an ironing board. These tips are helpful when packing for college.


Moving to college is cumbersome with mixed feelings creeping in. You go through endless checklists with different items you need for college, but still, you seem like you will need a moving truck. Those who have been there before you have listed tips and tricks that they learned through experience when packing for college. Do not carry so much that you have things you will not be using yet you should not carry a few things which will leave you depending on your roommates and friends.

pack for college

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