7 Easy Ways to Achieve Better Wellness This Year

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Many of you may already know this year I am very much focused on hitting a few fitness goals this year. Partly because I want to lose weight and partly because I just want to feel better. No one wants to wake up early in the morning dragging and tired and feeling drained before you even have a chance to start working. But I feel like for a good portion of 2015, this is how I felt. Because of this, I have taken some steps to have better wellness overall so I can feel better, focus more and get shit done. Here are a few easy things I’ve done, and anyone could do, to feel better from the inside out.

1. Take That Much Needed “You” Time

This is probably the biggest one for me. Working from home means that I get to wake up, brush my teeth and go straight to work. Not having to commute means spending way more time working, and way less time on me. Regardless of how much you enjoy your job (which I DO), it takes a toll on you when you are working all the time. A step to better wellness includes taking time for yourself. It is so important and is something I am working on doing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Whether that means taking a break on my patio, spending an hour taking a walk around my neighborhood, or just taking a bath after a long day at work. This “me” time works wonders, and I come out of it feeling refreshed and ready for even more work. It gives me an opportunity to do a conscious mental recharge that leaves me ready for the tasks ahead.

2. Take a Fish Oil Supplement

nature made fish oil pills helps better wellnessFish oil supplements are great for anyone to take because they help you in so many ways. Fish Oil provides EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids, which help support a healthy heart.* Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Seeing as heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans, I would say taking a Fish Oil supplement is something everyone should do at the very least when it comes to our daily health.

I enjoy NatureMade Fish Oil pills since Nature Made is the nation’s #1 best-selling brand of quality vitamins, minerals, and supplements* to help support nutritional gaps. Walmart is a great destination to purchase Nature Made vitamins, minerals and supplements at an everyday low price, no need to wait for a sale. They also have a great website where you can get inspiration to hit your fitness goals.

3. Get some rest

No one is getting enough sleep. Part of the reason why I am dragging in the morning is because I only slept 5 of 6 hours the night before which is not a lot for me. What I have found is that if I go several weeks without getting enough sleep, it takes a toll on my immune system, and I get sick.

What’s worst, is if I still do not get enough rest, I stay sick. I was sick for the entire month of January since I was not sleeping enough. And I only managed to get better after I took a nap on a Saturday afternoon. Getting enough sleep is a powerful thing. Do not underestimate its power and make sure you are not skimping on sleep to work more.Eat (or drink) your veggies

4. Eat (or drink) your veggies

juicing helps better wellness
Gotta love a carrot and beet juice in the morning 😀

I know I’ve written many articles already about the importance of eating vegetables, and I stand by that. You are what you eat, and if you are feeling sluggish every day, it is usually a good indicator that you are eating too many bad foods and not enough of the good kinds. Something new I am trying to do to make sure I am getting my daily serving of veggies every day is doing a glass of juice in the morning to replace breakfast.

I have an excellent amount of energy after that one juice and spend the rest of my day eating solid foods. But I have more energy to focus on work and get out and exercise during the day as well. When you have the proper serving of vegetables each day, you will notice the difference.

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5. Get some physical activity in

I have always been a fan of exercise. Running and yoga being my favorites. I feel my best after a workout. I am confident, focused and motivated after exercising and not to mention, you feel good about yourself after a good workout. Exercise is a wonderful way to relieve stress and get our mind back on track when you are having a rough day. I have had some days where I just wasn’t feeling it, and after exercise sees it turn into a beautiful day. It does not matter if you choose to walk, swim, run, use an

I have had some days where I just wasn’t feeling it, and after exercise sees it turn into a great day. It does not matter if you choose to walk, swim, run, use an elliptical machine whatever. Physical activity is an amazing thing you can do for your body.

6. Cut out a bad food

I am not big on depriving myself; you can ask anyone! I love sweets and candy and pastries. But I know that not only are these things not good for me, but they make me feel like crap after eating them. So during the day when I am craving something sweet, I go for watermelon, grapes, or pineapple instead. I still have sweets a few times throughout the week. But I try to go for fruits instead of the bad stuff. Fruits help me with a sugar craving and keeps me energized throughout the day. I can genuinely say that this one thing has resulted in me losing 20 lbs over the last six months. I did not diet or deprive myself, I simply cut out sweets majority of the week, and have them more on occasion now.


7. Have fun!

The phrase work, hard, play hard exists for a reason. There are some weeks where I am busy as hell, and I just don;t feel like having a social life. I have to force myself to go out and hang with friends. Not because I don;t want to (I love hanging out with my buddies ?) but because I am just exhausted! But even when I am staying busy on the weekend having fun, it is a wonderful mental break from work. Having fun is the ultimate stress reliever. And works wonders during the week too so you week does not just consist of working day in and day out. Having fun is necessary, and like sleep, should not be taken lightly. It is a need!


I hope these tips encourage you to have a healthy year. To help you to live well, I want to tell you about a contest you can enter to win 1 of 20 $50 Walmart Gift Cards. You can use the card at Walmart to get your own NatureMade Supplements to get whichever mineral you may be missing from your diet. Because better wellness truly does start from the inside out. Check it out below!

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7 Easy Ways to Achieve Better Wellness This Year
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