Decluttering Your Wallet with New Technology

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If you are anything like me, you have a habit of collecting items you do not necessarily need in your wallet. I probably clean my wallet out once a year. And since I stuff so much crap in my wallet, I often need a new wallet after about a year or two. Here I want to go over my steps for clearing out my wallet for good,  so I no longer have to go through this “Hoarders: wallet edition” cleaning -every year.

Why Is Your Wallet so Gross?


Before you start anything, you have to get to the root of the problem. Ask yourself, why is your wallet so gross in the first place? Are you collecting membership cards? Do you have expired coupons in there? Are you collecting old receipts? Really take a look at what is in there so you can figure out how to not make this happen again.

My reason why I have so much garbage in my wallet is two-fold. 1. I have a lot of cards: gift cards, loyalty cards, credit cards, bank cards, business bank cards, and the list goes on! 2. I hang on to receipts for everything. I mean everything-food trucks, CVS, grocery store, etc..

The next steps include starting new habits to keep from holding on to junk I don’t need, but I plan on using some new technology called the Wocket Smart Wallet to help me with my clutter issues. Now let’s take on the psychological issues first.

First Comes Tackling the Psychological Issues

When it comes to breaking any bad habits, I think you have to make a mental acknowledgment about why you do the thing you do. At one point, I saved receipts consciously and now I save them without thinking i.e. it’s a habit. My thought is “What if I have to return something?” or “Maybe I need to save this receipt to track my grocery spending.” So now when I am handed a receipt I am going to ask myself these questions:

  1. Would you really return any of this stuff?
  2. If you want to show a receipt set a cell phone notification to remind you
  3. If you plan on tracking this way -set a notification on your phone to organize this so-called spending plan you are going to do.

My thoughts are that either I will be too lazy to set the notification and will discard the receipt immediately, or I will actually set the notification and hold myself accountable. Eventually, I will build a habit to keep my wallet clean always and when there is a spare piece of paper in there it will be more surprising than anything. The next step of decluttering your wallet is the physical aspect of making it smaller using a Wocket.

What the hell is a Wocket?

Wocket Back Wocket CU

Okay, so I know you are wondering about this now, so let me go into it! A Wocket is a digital wallet that replaces your existing wallet that contains all of your credit cards, loyalty cards, debit cards; pretty much any card with a barcode or magnetic strip on it. You program the cards into an electronic device and when it’s time to pay you choose the card you want to use and either let them scan the barcode on the screen or use the plastic digital card provided in the Wocket.

Wocket SIde ProfileIMG_1952

My thoughts are,  if I move all my crap over to the Wocket- a much smaller wallet I can still carry all my cards and I still have a place to add my ID and a little cash. Having a physically smaller wallet makes it easier to lay off the receipt collection. Not to mention, I will not have a wallet that weighs 5 lbs.

Advantages of switching to a Wocket

IMG_1948 IMG_1949

So if you are wondering is this really worth moving all my cards to this thing, I am telling you this thing is a game changer. Here are a few perks for switching to a Wocket.

  • Leave all your cards at home where they are safe-No need to worry about pick-pockets
  • You can store thousands of cards
  • It is secured to you with a unique voice print or a pin number
  • You only charge it once every 6 months
  • No internet needed

How did it work for me?

I thought the concept of Wocket was awesome and I have to say I was really nervous the first time I used my Wocket card. I actually carried my actual cards with me the first time just to be safe it worked. My fear was unwarranted; it turned out since it worked just fine! I chose the card I wanted to use and removed the Wocket card from my wallet and handed it to the cashier. She swiped it and gave it back to me. It worked! I am using this now instead of carrying my heavy wallet around and I don’t think I’ll have issues with hoarding receipts anymore.IMG_1956

Having a clean wallet is a good start to having more organized finances in general. When you know what is in your wallet, not only is it easier not to lose items, but it’s nice to know that you have everything you need in such a small package. Want to learn more about Wocket? Check them out here at You can also save $30 off by entering the code  30OFF-7d3fa8te. Decluttering Your Wallet 101


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