Career Driving You Crazy? Do Something Really Mad Like…Getting A New Job!

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Who here agrees that making major career choices when we’re in our teens is backward? No teenager knows who they are, or what any job is like, let alone one you hate. Have you been cursing your teen self for making the wrong decision? Fear not! Instead of holding the wrong career over your younger self’s head, take your future into your hands. That’s right; it’s not too late to make a change! The career Gods are kind to people who try, and they will let you start again if you’re stuck in a job you totally hate. There’s one condition, though; you may have to put in a lot of effort.

getting a new job
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The first thing to do is, of course, consider what career you would be happier in. You can’t keep changing, so it’s important you get it right. Don’t sugar coat a job that you’ll become disillusioned with later down the line. Realize that all options have their downsides. It’s called work for a reason, and few people would rather be at work than home. But, finding a job that you don’t absolutely hate will make a huge difference.

Being good at your job can increase your satisfaction, so choose a career you think you would be good at. Consider your strongest skills, and which job would suit them. To help in the search, turn to sites like, which can provide you with a few options. As always, the internet can save the day here!

getting a new job
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You don’t have to know exactly what you’re after, but having a rough idea means you can start considering how to get there. You may find, at this stage, that you come out of the helpless gloom your current career has put you in. Just thinking about another job can be enough to let the sun shine through. But, keep up with the search! Don’t sit back in the happy bubble of ‘I could get a new job if I wanted to,’ because nothing will ever change! Instead, get to work researching any qualifications you need. It may be that bad GCSE’s rear their ugly heads here. Don’t worry. Start honing your skills on sites like If your practice sessions go well, sign up for an evening course to improve your grade. Don’t stress about this. You’re a lot older and wiser now. A subject that stumped you during school may well come naturally to your older self.

getting a new job


Alongside getting qualifications you need, make sure you keep your eye out for jobs. The deciding process is fun, but the actual search can be scary. Even if you start thinking your current career isn’t so bad, it’s important you persevere. Fear is what left you in a bad situation for so long. Don’t give it control anymore. Your career break could be the best thing you’ve ever done. But, you’re not going to get it if you don’t apply for real jobs! Put fear in its place by forging the future you need.

Career Driving You Crazy Do Something Really Mad Like...Getting A New Job

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