Outsourcing Your Wedding: Pros And Cons Of Wedding Planner Services

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Are you planning a wedding? You’re probably considering to hire a wedding planner who would help you organize and coordinate your wedding. But perhaps you know couples who had amazing weddings they organized on their own and now you’re wondering whether hiring a wedding planner is just an unnecessary expense?

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Planning a beautiful wedding that you’ll remember for the years to come takes plenty of time. And hiring a wedding planner is a serious decision. Here are the most important pros and cons of getting a wedding planner to help you organize your wedding.


You’ll need to give up some control

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand the idea of not having total control over a project, getting a wedding planner might become a cause of some serious anxiety.

Some planners claim they love to work with Type-A clients because they actually make them better planners.

But before you jump in, you should know whether you’ll be comfortable with someone else handling your wedding. If that’s the case, make sure that your planner pays as much attention to detail as you do. It’s great if your values, expectations, and communication styles align as well.

A wedding planner with a great reputation might have strong opinions about anything from colors to flowers, so it’s crucial that you share some aesthetic sense as well.

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It’s an extra expense

Even if planners have an inside track and know their way around the wedding industry, hiring one will still be an expense. Transitioning to the real world after college probably taught you about the value of money. You have to make some careful calculations before deciding to hire a wedding planner.

Ask your wedding planner for their price list. If you don’t see something you need, you should ask for customized service and all the involved expenses. You don’t want to be charged with a surprisingly high bill later on.

If your budget is really stretched, you can still get some help by hiring a day-of coordinator.

You can choose a venue with prepackaged services

One way to get it all done and avoid hiring a wedding planner is picking a venue which offers couples a range of prepackaged services. This way you’ll have everything under control, and won’t have to hire another person to organize it all for you.


Wedding planners are experienced

This is your first, and hopefully last wedding. Now consider this: wedding planners have been there before. They’ve seen it all and can deal with any crisis. They’ve got all the experience that you lack.

They know what type of complications might arise and how to manage them smoothly. You might not be aware of the temperature at which your amazing cake becomes a pile of goo – but they know it. An experienced planner knows their way around weddings, and that type of experience is invaluable if you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly on that special day.

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They’ll be the ones to mind the details

Have you ever planned an event of that magnitude? Probably not. But if you’re smart, you realize that there are many details involved in planning the thing.

Wedding planners have done it all and will direct your attention to details you might have overlooked in your preliminary planning.

They have insider knowledge of the market

Since wedding planners collaborate with many vendors, you can be sure that they know everyone and can negotiate better pricing. That’s especially important if you’re throwing the wedding in a city where you don’t live.

Networking and researching suppliers is the daily bread of every wedding planner. If you have a special need, finding a solution might take you ages while a wedding planner will only take a day or two to present you with a range of options.

You’ll save time

There’s no doubt about it. Hiring a wedding planner helps to save plenty of time. And you could use that time to actually enjoy the process, and prepare for your married life.

You probably don’t even expect how many issues might arise during the days leading to the wedding. A wedding planner will troubleshoot these problems so you won’t need to lose time fixing these issues last minute.

You’ll outsource a lot of stress

Finally, hiring a wedding planner will boost your confidence and help you avoid a lot of stress. And we all know that weddings tend to get emotional, but also very stressful.

The wedding planner will act as a buffer between you and the incredible amount of detail and chaos that happens when you’re putting an event together. All you need to do is show up and enjoy the day.

Hiring a wedding planner is a serious decision, so weigh these pros and cons to organize a wedding of your dreams.

Outsourcing Your Wedding Pros And Cons Of Wedding Planner Services

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