5 Things Everyone Should Know About Having A Car Warranty

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There are several contingency costs associated with owning and driving a car. You’ll need to pay for cover in case you crash and there will always be maintenance and repair costs to payout.

Cars are durable and they’re built to last, but there’s always going to be one or two things that go wrong at some point. Whether it’s an issue with the brakes or a problem with the electrics, the odd problem is unavoidable.

Many of these problems are much too hard for the average person to fix and they need to eyes of a specialist. This is where a car warranty can come in handy.

Your car warranty is a manufacturer’s guarantee that they will fix and repair any problems with your vehicle.

Can You Extend Your Car Warranty?

Every new car is supplied with a warranty, which usually expires around the three years or 60,000 miles mark. You have the option to extend the warranty if you want to.

The cost of extension varies from dealer to dealer. They can pretty much choose whatever price suits them. If you get an extended warranty, you may end up paying more than expected due to the upfront costs and added interest charges.

When you’re considering an extension, you might be wondering ‘Endurance vs. CARCHEX?’ Both of these warranty providers are great, and they offer similar benefits and coverage.

What is Excluded From Your Warranty?

Your car warranty doesn’t cover general wear and tear on your vehicles, such as tires, brake pads, clutches, or windscreen wipers.

Although, warranties can vary from company to company. When you are purchasing a car, always make sure to check the specific details of the warranty that comes with the vehicle.

What Are Used Car Warranties?

Depending on where you buy your car from, used cars may be sold with an active warranty. Usually, these warranties are anywhere between 3-12 months and they can vary in coverage.

Once this warranty expires, you aren’t legally required to buy a new one. However, most garages advise you to do so because it covers you if anything goes seriously wrong with the mechanics of your car.

What Are the Different Kinds of Used Car Warranties?

There are different types of warranties, each of which offers different levels of coverage. Whichever option you choose, you will usually have to pay a small amount towards repairs and replacement and this is known as the excess.

Often, used car warranties are split into two categories – mechanical breakdown and comprehensive. As the name suggests, comprehensive warranties offer more coverage but they also cost more than other options.

How Do You Get a Car Warranty?

You can get a car warranty or extend your existing warranty! Do this by speaking to the car seller or the dealership where you bought it. Most used cars come with a free standard warranty. When this expires, though, it’s up to you to extend it if you want to.

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