How Busy Millennials Are Coping With Work Stress

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Millennials are the generation that suffers most stress, and work is what is stressing them the most. Although stress is primarily a mental health issue, it can lead to a series of other health problems. Individuals dealing with stress are also reporting an inability to focus on tasks, low sleep quality, eating disorders, lack of energy, irritability, and many other problems in all fields of their life.

Negative effects of stress can be detrimental to our health, so doing everything in our ability to cope with stress is of high importance. Some ways millennials are dealing with work stress are proving to be very effective.

Healthy eating habits

Our mood and our ability to cope with stress are greatly affected by what we eat. Having a diet rich in sugar, unhealthy fat and caffeine can lead to higher levels of stress. But, just as food can lead to higher levels of stress, it can also lead to lower levels of it. Paying attention to our diet pays off.

Serotonin or “the happy hormone” is responsible for our good mood and it is made in our brain from tryptophan. Proteins are made of amino acids, so eating them is very important for our overall mood and coping with stress. However, it is not that simple. When we eat proteins, we are introducing tryptophan to our body, but it has to fight with other amino acids to get to the brain, this is where carbs step in.

Carbs will trigger the release of insulin, which will then clear our bloodstream from other amino acids, letting tryptophan to pass through the bloodstream smoothly. When it reaches the brain, we get serotonin.

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Other than our hormone levels being affected by the food we eat, our eating habits and cravings are also affected by our hormone levels. So, it is important to know that when we feel stressed, we might crave foods that are not going to do us any good.

We should strive to have a balanced eating plan, which includes carbs, proteins, and healthy fats. Eating carbs should be about eating what is good for our bodies, like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and cutting out sugar and white flour products.

Cognitive supplements

Changing your diet will go a long way when it comes to coping with stress. Unfortunately, the effects are not quite fast enough when you have to continue working and you can’t remove the stressors from your life. When it comes to dealing with stress, we have to fight on all fronts.

Cognitive supplements are a great way to deal with some negative effects stress can have on your cognitive functioning. This includes inability to focus, irritability, frustration, lack of motivation, memory loss, mood swings, emotional outbursts, lack of sleep, etc.

You must admit dealing with these problems is in no way enticing and finding a good solution is of high importance to anyone dealing with stress. Where before we turned to coffee or green tea for help, today we turn to cognitive supplements. The movie and TV series Limitless have definitely awakened our curiosity about them with their portrayal of the miracle supplement – NZT-48.

Although we are yet to see a pill with the powerful effects of the movie miracle drug, there are some excellent supplements for enhanced cognitive functioning and they don’t even have the negative effects of the movie pill.

Nootropic supplements have a great effect on mental agility, cognition, motivation, and focus. The best of nootropics is noopept. Noopept is a compound that has a unique ability to affect your cognitive functioning almost immediately after being ingested. This is why pills containing noopept are becoming increasingly popular. Once you change your diet and start taking cognitive supplements, you are bound to see results quickly.

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Taking care of yourself

Stress can be tricky. When we feel stressed, it is hard to think clearly. We try our hardest to fight the causes and effects of stress. We read about it, we read about coping mechanisms, and we make plans about how we will implement what we read in our lives. In other words, all we do is worry.

First, we get stressed; then, we stress ourselves even more because we are stressed and not coping with it as well as we think we should. When we get to this stage, what we need to do is take care of ourselves. Reading and planning will never replace a nice thing we do to make ourselves feel better. While it might seem enough to start taking care of our diet and add some cognitive supplements to it, there is always more we can do.

Enjoying leisure activities, however short, will have incredible effects on our mood and levels of stress. We all have some activities we enjoy that we just don’t have enough time to do. That is a lie. We have time for a lot of other things during the day, waiting in line, watching TV when there is nothing on, or just wasting time on social media. Doing something like that will bring us no joy. So, why not use that time better? Think about something you enjoy doing and try doing that every day for fifteen minutes. It might seem like it is not enough, but over time, you will notice a big difference. Take care of yourself and you will feel better and be better at coping with stress.

As you can see millennials are quite adept at finding ways to cope with their woes. If you are among those dealing with stress on a regular basis the best thing you can do is to oppose it on all front. Start by changing your diet and adding cognitive supplements to it. Don’t forget to take time for your needs every day. Combining these coping mechanisms will give you the best result. So don’t waste another minute and start the fight!

Negative effects of stress can be detrimental to our health. Here are some ways busy millennials are dealing with work stress which are very effective.

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Hey there! I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed this blog post. Your insights were incredibly helpful and thought-provoking. It’s clear that you put a lot of effort into your writing. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. Looking forward to your next post!