How to Meet People in a New City

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Moving to a new city can be tough. You have to adapt to a new home, job or school, not to mention a whole new environment. On top of all this, you’ll want to make new friends. While it’s sometimes challenging, there are many ways to meet new people in a new city. is specifically designed for making new friends. The best part about it is that you can find groups with similar interests who look forward to meeting new people. There is no awkwardness of being the odd person out because there are many people who are new to these groups. There are several groups all over the country, so sign up for a Meetup group in your area if you are looking forward to some fun.


The job or school environments that brought you to the new city to begin with are great places to make new friends, especially because you have a common interest. Remember to stay friendly and be willing to shake hands and make after-school/work plans. Being the new girl can be intimidating, but everyone’s been there.

Try New Things!

One of the best ways to meet new people is to try new things! Join a yoga class or a book club. These are great ways to not only make friends, but to mingle with people who have interests similar to yours. Try going to the local community center or looking for activities on Craigslist. You’ll make friends and have a lot of fun!

Being in a new place can be scary, but scary things lead to growth and opportunity. Be brave, and put your best foot forward. The only thing better than moving to a new, exciting place is having friends to experience it with you!

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