Awesome Active Careers You could Sign Up For Today

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When you were younger, you probably watched movies and TV shows about people that had exciting jobs and careers. You knew in your heart that this was the type of lifestyle you wanted; you desired to see the world in all it’s splendour and glory, making each new day an adventure. Then, as you approached twenty-five, you realized you had been working in an office for nearly four years after leaving university. This is the reality for many of us and we bare with the fact that every so often we’ll get two weeks holiday to find an exciting opportunity.

But does it have to be that way or can you change your life and find an exciting awesome career right now? The answer is yes, you can change things and here are some of the active careers you could look into.

Ski Instructor

Our first possibility is for those people who love the outdoors, winter weather and extreme sports. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had any experience skiing before because you can learn. In your spare time, take a few lessons on the dry slopes to get the basics down. Then book a trip to a place where it snows all year round, like the highest peaks of Canada. Once there, you can look at taking a ski instructor course to learn skills to pass on to others. After that you’ll have a qualification that will give you access to a career on the slopes every day of your working life. You won’t make a lot of money at first, but once you gain more skills and experience, you’ll make a small fortune and that’s no exaggeration.

Obviously, if you hate cold weather there is another contrasting possibility. You could become a surfing instructor by following many of the same steps. The only issue is that surfing is a skill that’s a lot more difficult to master than skiing.

Travel Blogger

If you want to have an active awesome career and you don’t want to be tied down to one place, you should look into travel blogging. To do this, all you need is to set up a travel blog online. You can then use it to write about your experiences on holidays. Once you gain enough readers you’ll be able to quit your job and spend your whole life travelling. As long as you keep up the writing and keep things interesting, you’re certain to make money. Try finding unique perceptions of different experiences rather than acting like the typical tourist. For instance, if you’re visiting a different region, embrace the culture and lifestyle while you’re there. Be sure to hit up social media and you’ll have a good chance at going viral.

Private Detective

Maybe we’ve been watching too much Sherlock, but we researched this online and it actually is a job possibility. Talking about an exciting career! If you have a knack for solving mysteries or cracking puzzles, you could set yourself up as a private investigator. All you need to do is advertise your services and you’d be surprised how many people might take a chance and hire you. We imagine most of the cases will be people wanting you to spy on their spouses. But you never know, a murder mystery might pop up on occasion. Don’t believe this is a job possibility? Think again.

There are plenty other exciting jobs out there just waiting to be discovered. So go out and explore a world filled with awesome careers.  

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Awesome Active Careers To Sign Up For Today

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