11 Lifestyle Changes That Will Boost Your Mental Health

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Mental health is overlooked time and again whenever we decide that we need to change our lifestyles. We focus a lot more on our physical health than we do on that of our psyche. However, this is not legitimized by anything. On the contrary – there’s a strong correlation between the state of our mind and that of our bodies. The latter depends on the former and it is eerie, yes, but 90% of people don’t realize that. Remember the old phrase “Mens sana in corpore sano”? In those that follow, we’ll provide you with 11 tips on how to acquire Mental health described in the phrase.

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11 tips on how to acquire Mental health:

1. Visit a counselor

Life puts a lot of strain on our brains. It might happen that we are shy or – as asinine as it may sound – even ashamed to ask for help. The homeostasis of our mental health depends on interconnection and communication, as much as we would like to think that we can deal with everything that comes our way on our own. A counselor can help you by giving important pieces of advice and showing you how to solve problems.

2. Start writing

You can compile a nice journal where you can blow off some steam. It’s fabulously helpful to write down the things that ail you. It can give you a clearer picture on how you can manage all those unpleasant aspects in your life. It does not necessarily have to be a journal. You can indulge in creative writing, as well. Poetry, prose, it doesn’t matter as long as you vent out your anxieties.

3. Start meditating

It is the common acceptation that meditation pertains to mystics and hermits. That’s wrong from any given point of view. You can simply lay on the carpet, close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. It doesn’t have to be at the peak of a mountain to work

Meditation will help you focus on the real issues in your life. Five minutes of disconnection from the sonic bedlam of the real world and delving into your psyche will fortify your mental health.

4. Say “No!” to drugs and alcohol

The catatonic happiness inflicted by narcotics and alcohol comes at a huge price. By the same token, they won’t solve your problems but deepen and entangle them even more. These two substances are the vivid proof that, unfortunately, you can put a price on happiness. That’s a pity. There are myriad other ways of gaining tranquility.

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5. Don’t underestimate your value

Each of us matters, and each of us has unique talents. Don’t let anyone chip your self-respect and treat you with less than you deserve. On the same wavelength, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Self-criticism makes sense only if it’s not done in such an amount that it ruins your self-esteem. There has to be a balance between your ability to tell when you’re mistaken and when you’re right. Nobody’s perfect, and nobody will ever be. You are allowed to do things the wrong way sometimes.

6. Travel

Going places is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your mental health, especially when the place you’re staying contributes to your depression. traveling is a good method of learning new things and making new friends. All of these contribute to your welfare as well as to the reinforcement of your personality.

7. Unwind yourself in the bathtub

Bath salts and scented essential oils can make a simple bath nothing short of being transported to heaven. To spice the experience up, you can read your favorite book and drink a cup of tea or coffee as you soak up in the hot, perfumed water.

8. Smile until it hurts

It’s time to forgive and forget those who have hurt you and to start smiling again. Whenever you have a slight case of the blues, remind yourself of all the good things in your life. Sometimes, smiling in this case is automatic. Hold your best memory close to your heart at all times – that’s your main weapon against sadness.

9. Break the shackles of tedium

The same routine all over again can depress you out of your mind. Try to do something new once a week. Take a stroll to a place you haven’t been before, take an art class, learn how to play the guitar, go out with your friends and go nuts in a club or go hiking together. Anything that keeps dullness at bay. Tedium paves the way to introspection, and paradoxically, that can be the cause of your grief.

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10. Sleep properly

You can well imagine that being tired 24/7 doesn’t contribute to your mental welfare. Fatigue invites sadness in and also triggers overthinking, which is one of the main producers of stress. A proper amount of sleep keeps your brain rested. Lack of sleep, on the other hand, will make it overheat, making even the simplest thinking processes tedious chores.

11. Learn how to live without checking your smartphone

Chatting online for hours on end isn’t real communication. All these new apps are incredibly tempting, that’s true. Still, you must learn how to live outside of the digital environment. Take strolls in the park, go on adventures with your friends and stop checking your phone every ten minutes. It’s hard to do – almost like quitting smoking – but there are a lot of benefits for you to reap if you manage to pull it off.

It’s a lot easier to get dispirited in the modern world than it was centuries ago. That’s due to the isolation that it inflicts on some people through jobs and lots of worries and responsibilities.

Notwithstanding, these lifestyle changes are sure to make a difference in your life. All of them are just synonymous with common-sense. Whenever you feel down, you must remember that you can do a lot of things to get back to positive thinking and overall good mental health. Also, do not forget to workout daily to keep yourselves mentally and physically fit. Check out ‘how to design a home gym’ to know more about setting a gym at your home.


What are your tips for boosting your mental health? Let us know!

11 Lifestyle Changes That Will Boost Your Mental Health

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