6 Fascinating New Dental Inventions to Keep Your Teeth Shining

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6 Fascinating New Dental Inventions to Keep Your Teeth Shining

In a war against plaque and tooth problems, the old toothbrush and floss standbys are hard to beat…but they are definitely transforming and a variety of new devices are joining the team to help keep your smile shining. If you are interested in upgrading your tooth care using the latest inventions from the dental world or want to try out an entirely new innovation designed to make tooth management easier, check out these new dental inventions that have either already hit the market or are on their way in the coming years.

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High-Speed Sonic Brush Molds

Sonic toothbrushes are nothing new in the dental market, but some companies are taking them to the next level with unique products that work in ways, unlike any traditional brushes. Take the Blizzident toothbrush, for example, which uses 3D printing technology to customize a mouth-shaped mold for every customer. Put the mold in your mouth, and it cleans all your teeth at once at record time. There is no word on whether this new brush mold will catch on or not, but if you want to be an early adopter you can buy one for the steep price of $300.

Ionic Toothbrushes

Ionic toothbrushes got several news spots a few years ago, and have finally begun to hit the commercial market in larger numbers. Now that multiple companies have joined with modern ionic products of their own, the market is a good place to start looking for innovative brushes. These brushes use a combination of charged ions and water to destroy the acid in plaque, disintegrating it and helping to keep your teeth clean. Claims about the toothbrush vary, but companies generally report that it is more environmentally friendly and that you may not even need toothpaste when using these advanced brushes.

Singing Toothbrushes

This one is for the kids – or the more whimsical adults. Most visitors to the dentist know that old adage that tells you to brush for the length of a favorite song. Singing toothbrushes cut out the middleman and provide a selection of songs from the likes of Justin Bieber. They teach good brushing methods while saving you the trouble of finding a song on the radio or popping in headphones before brushing your teeth. They are also one of the least expensive items on the list.

Gel Rinses

Mouthwash is also nothing new, but companies like Gelato want to improve on the original formula and create a mouth rinse solution that is a little more suited to the modern age. Enter the Fluoride Perio Rinse, which comes in a toothpaste-like tube and forms a gel-like substance instead of the watery formula we are used to. The result is easier to mouth-rinsing on the go or speedy teeth-cleaning at restaurants.


Is flossing with air even possible? Well, the researchers at Philips certainly think so, because they have released the nozzle-based AirFloss. This looks a little like a sonic toothbrush but acts in an entirely different way. It uses a container of water that it pressurizes into micro-droplets. It is shot through a nozzle that you guide along the gum line and into the grooves between your teeth. The jet of water is supposed to be strong – Philips warns about possible bleeding even if you are a floss user – but also offers a swift way to clean hard-to-reach spaces. Keep an ear to the ground so you know if dentists start recommending products like this as the new generation of floss.

Caffeinated Toothpaste

This is another product that has been around for several years but is only know spreading into new areas across the market.

Once the specialty of small companies, producers as big as Colgate have started creating tooth products with caffeine in them to give your morning a little extra jolt.

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