3 Hobbies That Could Make You Some Extra Money

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3 Hobbies That Could Make You Some Extra Money

Let’s be real: who doesn’t love a side hustle? Especially one that you truly enjoy doing. If you are looking for ways to earn a bit of extra cash, a great way to do this is to find a hobby you enjoy and are good at and make some money selling your creations. To help you brainstorm, here are three artistic hobbies that could help you make some extra money.

1. Photography

If photography is something that interests you and you have a keen eye for a good photo, there could be money to be made. It’s a good idea to try different types of photography such as nature, landscape, or portrait and find out what you enjoy the most. Once you find your favored style, getting snapping.

Even if you don’t have enough money to buy a decent camera, you don’t need to worry. Smartphones are so advanced these days that you can still achieve some awesome shots using your phone. If you do want to purchase a camera, then a DSLR is a good choice. Or, if you want something a little simpler to use that has a typically lower price tag, a bridge camera is a good alternative. 

Many people will buy digital images to download, and others will buy prints. You can sell prints on sites like Etsy.

2. Knitting

Knitting is a relaxing hobby enjoyed by people of all ages. Many people were taught how to knit when they were kids, while for others, it’s a skill that they developed later in life. From baby blankets to jumpers to slipper socks, there are a host of different things you can make. 

Knitting yarn, such as that produced by Stewart Yarns, comes in a variety of different colors and weights. The weight you need usually depends on what you are making so, it’s a good idea to choose your project first and then buy the yarn that’s best suited for the job.

Social media is a great outlet for selling hand-knitted goods, as are local craft fairs. And again, Etsy is a fantastic place to set up an online shop and sell your creations.

3. Cardmaking

Who doesn’t love getting a card on a special occasion? Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just to let someone know you are thinking of them, a card is a great way to show that you care.

One option is to do e-cards. You can easily design unique e-cards and sell them online. Using Canva, you can easily customize cards for your clients too! You can also design cards with Canva that you print and send to customers or directly to the recipient.

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Perhaps you want to use cutting dies to make interactive cards instead. Or, you prefer the idea of using stamps and alcohol-based markers to create intricately colored designs, the opportunities are endless. A handmade card will always be a popular purchase, so put your creativity to good use and make some extra cash from your skill.


Hopefully, these three hobbies you can turn into an opportunity to make money will spark your creativity!

3 Hobbies That Could Make You Some Extra Money

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