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7 Important Woman Liver Cancer Symptoms To Watch Out For

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Liver cancer originates from the primary liver cells. As a result, the liver is vulnerable to different types of cancer. Sadly, liver cancer is one of the most deadly types of cancer, killing over 700,000 people annually. This is why it’s vital to be aware of woman liver cancer symptoms to watch out for.

The cases of cancer spreading to the liver is higher than cancer beginning from the liver cells. Some of the most common types of liver cancer are Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Hepatoblastoma, and Intrahepatic Cholangio Carcinoma.

People with fluctuating sugar levels, cirrhosis, liver diseases, excess alcohol consumption, non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder, and Hepatitis B or C infection are more vulnerable to liver cancer.

Liver cancer is curable if detected in the early stages. After that, though, most people don’t experience any unusual signs, but still, here are some ordinary women’s liver cancer symptoms you need to watch for!

1. Sudden Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss is usually not a good sign. If you experience any unexplained weight loss, you might have liver cancer. In other words, if you are not dieting or following a strict weight loss regime, any sudden weight loss should be discussed with a doctor. 

2. Loss of Appetite

The gradual loss of appetite is also one of the significant symptoms of liver cancer in women. Patients sometimes experience a lack of hunger or not wanting to eat anything throughout the day.

Make sure you don’t take continuous tiredness, fatigue, loss of taste, and lack of activity lightly at any cost.

3. Jaundice

Bilirubin build-up in the blood, from red blood cells breaking up, leads to jaundice. It is a medical condition that arises due to non-functional or inflamed liver. In this affliction, the skin and eyes of the patient turn yellow. If you frequently have jaundice, you must consult a cancer specialist.

4. Swelling in Abdomen

Liver cancer can give rise to a swollen, painful, or bloated abdomen. This is because disease continuously increases the pressure on the organ, forcing blood back into the veins and eventually to the ascites or abdomen.

It can be uncomfortable, but your doctor can drain out the fluid from your stomach to make you comfortable.

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5. Enlarged Liver

This condition is also known as hepatomegaly. So you see, having an enlarged liver can be a sign of a severe problem and is a prime symptom of liver cancer.

This condition is generally accompanied by fatigue, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, and jaundice.

You can detect an enlarged liver as a mass accumulation on the right side, beneath the ribs. This mass is developed through swelling or abdominal bloating. 

6. White Stools

Passing chalky and white stools is a sign of developing liver cancer. Additionally, it would be best to watch out for black, tarry, dark chairs or pale-colored stools. These symptoms will get worse with the multiplication and continued growth of tumors. 

7. Constant Fever

Unexplained and continuous fever, weakness, and nausea can be alarming symptoms of liver cancer.

Patients experience continual fever, body aches, headache, dizziness, and weakness at times. Never take these signs lightly. Any instance of you having constant and unexplained fever for more than seven days should be immediately discussed with the doctor.

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Liver cancer is difficult, though not impossible, to cure.

Unfortunately, this type of cancer is rarely detected in the early stages, when it has a high rate of successful recovery. Sometimes, doctors suggest chemotherapy directly in the liver to reduce the tumor size. This tumor is later removed with surgery.

You can lessen your chances of contracting this disease by taking Hepatitis vaccines.

Maintaining a healthy body weight lowers your chances of functional issues in the liver. Limit your alcohol intake as advised by your doctor. You should also avoid any encounter with Hepatitis B and C infections.

Lastly, stay positive and motivated to overcome illnesses like liver cancer. Always remember to be conscious of what is going on with your body. Look out for these seven liver cancer symptoms.

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