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Life in Hong Kong as an MBA Student

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If you want to accelerate your management career, further education is pivotal. A popular next step for professionals is a Masters in Business Administration. Hong Kong is one of the leading providers of this course throughout Asia, and the schools continue to climb up the global rankings too. As Asia’s first and foremost ‘world city,’ Hong Kong can be an exhilarating and inspiring place to learn about global business. Researching curriculums is essential to picking the right university or business school, but just as important is understanding what daily life will be like as a student of a Masters in Business Administration, in Hong Kong.

Whichever school you choose, the MBA programs in Hong Kong are notoriously challenging, and one should not underestimate the hard work required to complete a Master’s program in 12-16 months. Students can expect lectures to be scheduled throughout the week and in the evenings. As experienced managers prior to enrolling in the course, it is expected that all students value and enjoy the hard work required for success. The teachers in Hong Kong’s business schools are similarly devoted and always do their utmost to see that every student is receiving the assistance they require. This often extends to dinner meetings with lecturers and guest speakers, a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to learn from superiors.

One of the features most often discussed in regards to the Masters in Business Administration Hong Kong is the internationalism of the course and the opportunities to learn more about global business whilst remaining in Asia. Students’ report that the international atmosphere of MBA programs in Hong Kong is one of its greatest strengths. HKUSB, for example, reports that 93% of students are international, hailing from twenty-five countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. This allows for students to not only make new friends from all around the globe but also to gain insight into how business is both perceived and conducted within other cultures. With opportunities for career study trips to real businesses, internships, and study abroad programs, the life of an MBA student in Hong Kong includes many opportunities for inter-cultural growth and understanding.

Student life consists of more than just studying, of course; the city itself plays a large part in determining the quality of life. As a global business center, Hong Kong is bustling, and while the dominant image is one of skyscrapers, there are also many parks and hiking trails. For someone new to Hong Kong, the transport system is comprehensive and finding essentials like accommodation and gym membership is simple too. Island-side accommodation near the Central business district is popular for rentals, as is Kowloon. For newcomers, it is important to remember that Hong Kong is more expensive than many other places in Asia, and those coming from mainland China should also expect to see a rise in prices for accommodations, water, and transportation.

Choosing to study a Masters in Business Administration in Hong Kong is an important decision – one must consider not only the particulars of the courses offered at the many universities and business schools, but also what life during the course will be like. Alumni are keen to point out that while the program is very demanding, there are also great benefits to studying in such an internationally prestigious place. If you commit yourself fully to the learning experience then you will graduate with enhanced business knowledge and broadened cultural understanding, which will open doors to many successful opportunities in the future.

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