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Glance Beyond Reality: How To Call Spirits

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Curiosity is in everyone’s nature. Sometimes, it’s just not enough to know what others tell you and what you’re supposed to know. For people, like me, the unknown is always fascinating and exciting. One of the things, that I’ve always been attracted to, is to be able to call spirits and communicate with them in order to find out what lies beyond our reality. Why it fascinates me? I definitely felt sort of a rush of adrenaline the few times that I’ve done it. Besides, growing up in a superstitious family, I’ve always believed in supernatural.

Granted, some people might not believe in it or be doubtful and scared to engage in such an activity. Despite these people, the truth is that calling spirits is real, and it has happened before. According to Dr. Raymond Moody there are a few techniques to follow. One of the easiest techniques he suggests was used during ancient times for those who wanted to receive a vision. It simply involves a large mirror and a checklist below.

Clear State of Mind

In order to make the contact successful one should gain a clear state of mind. This can be reached by only eating fruits and vegetables and avoiding dairy and caffeinated products 24 hours prior to the attempt of calling spirits.

Quiet Room

Second step, isolate yourself in the quietest room of your home. This promotes a relaxed atmosphere. In order to maintain a relaxation state, all the distractions, such as watches, jewelry, phones, clocks, should be removed from the room. If you have trouble relaxing, it can help if you listen to calming music. It’s also encouraged to wear something loose so you can be comfortable and as relaxed as possible. After everything is quieted down, place a large mirror in front of you.

Symbolic Items

When calling spirits, you should already have in mind who you want to call. So, you should surround yourself with items that symbolize that specific spirit. If you touch the item, it’ll bring you closer to whom you want to reach.

Light a Candle

Light a candle and put it behind you. When dim light is used, it is best that it be placed behind your body. Some believe that the best time to call spirits would be at twilight.

Mirror Gaze

When you are ready to mirror gaze, you should be in a comfortable, relaxed position. Close your eyes and call your spirit by name three times. Then, you will gaze into the mirror without trying to see anything. It will be similar to looking at something that is located far from view. You may start to feel a tingling within your fingertips.


If the contact is reached, and the spirit replies, the mirror may seem cloudy or dark in color after some time. When things within the mirror do not seem as clear as they did before, you may be ready to experience contact with the spirit. Have your questions, you want to be answered, prepared in your head in order to maintain the “conversation.”


While communicating, you should keep complete silence. The spirit may answer your questions in various ways, such as showing images in the mirror, talking to you or, possibly, even touching you.

The End

After you are done talking to your spirit. You should thank your spirit for coming to your call and for answering your questions. Blow out the candle. Finally, spray your mirror with holy water.

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