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3 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time for relaxing, seeing loved ones, and creating memories – but they’re also that inspiring time of year to offer comfort to those less fortunate and a chance to help charities truly achieve their missions.

No matter how you contribute, every little bit goes a long way.

Here are three ways to give back this holiday season:

#1: Donate to your local charity thrift store


Instead of throwing away your old things, why not donate them instead? Let’s be honest; most of the stuff we get rid of is perfectly functional. Charity thrift shops, such as Salvation Army stores, are a great way to help your communities and support a charity simultaneously.

#2: Give to a national cause like Feeding America

As the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States, Feeding America’s mission is to ensure everyone has access to nutritious food.

They partner with farmers, manufacturers, retailers, food banks, local food programs, and policymakers to bring food to needy people while advocating for policies that create long-term solutions to hunger. You can donate directly on their website 

#3: Give back on a global scale with the GOAL Mile

GOAL is an international humanitarian crisis response charity established over 45 years ago in Ireland. Over 3,500 GOAL team members work in high-risk places around the world that are in conflict. They are responding to the needs of IDPs (internally displaced people) fleeing Ukraine.

You’re probably wondering, how can I help GOAL this holiday season? By participating in their exciting global event, the GOAL Mile, which runs annually through December. This year, the GOAL Mile is celebrating its 40th anniversary. It’s a super fun way to get the kids involved! Or you can register and do your virtual GOAL Mile individually.

Goa Mile

Register For the GOAL Mile now and help those who need it most around the world

No matter how you choose to help this holiday season, whether by campaigning or making donations, it feels fantastic to help, charities worldwide make a difference and achieve their missions.

3 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

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