The Miss Millennia Ultimate Gift Guide for 2015

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The Miss Millennia Ultimate Gift Guide for 2015

It is that time of year again, and everyone is considering the holidays. We did a gift guide naming some of our favorite things last year and wanted to share our top picks with you all again. In this Miss Millennia gift guide, we describe items for anyone on your list, many of which we have tried and wanted to share our stories. Enjoy reading, and good luck shopping!

For the Beauty Buff, you know.

These are the gifts for the buddy who lives and dies for Sephora, follows every beauty blog under the sun, and gets giddy at the thought of a new makeup kit.

Best Gifts for the Beauty Buff

The Foreo Luna

Foreo Luna as a Beauty Gift

The Foreo Luna is a small device that simultaneously cleanses your skin and reduces wrinkles. This is an excellent way to get a deep clean on your face, especially if you are a chronic makeup wearer. This is a perfect gift for your friend who values a good face cleanser as much as she enjoys her makeup. 

We reviewed the Luna, so be sure to check it out here Buy it Here!

Grande Lash Brow Fill Gel

This brow fill gel is perfect if you want your eyebrows to look fuller and glamorous for a night on the town. But this brow gel is fantastic because it makes your eyebrows grow and thicken.

They get darker and fuller in only a matter of weeks. We did a review of Grande Lash; check it out. 

If you plan on buying as a gift, you can get an additional 10% off using the gift code GRANDE10 before December 31st. Bonus! Buy it Here

Joi's eyebrows before
Joi's eyebrows after
Grande brow fill Brow Gel

e.l.f. Holiday 11 Piece Brush Collection

e.l.f Makeup brushes

I received this makeup brush set for Christmas a few years ago and was so excited since I did not own a set. But even if I did, everyone can use a new set of brushes. Especially if you have been using the exact location for some years. Buy it Here

Rilastil Skin Care Regimen

Joi did a full review of the Rilastil products and LOVED everything about them. Whoever receives these products will know that you care about the health of their skinBuy it here.

Precision Tweezers

precision tweezers

Anyone who has had to pluck an ingrown hair from their brow with a pair of shoddy tweezers knows the value of a good pair of tweezers. If you’ve peeped a dull tweezer at your buddy’s house, do them a favor and get them a good team. They’ll thank you later. Buy it Here.

Mineral Hygienics Makeup

This is no everyday makeup. It’s lightweight, looks great on your face, and improves your skin. It is a chemical-free way to protect your face from the sun and is water resistant.

Pretty much, it’s magic. Your friends would love it! Check out Joi’s review of Mineral Hygienics makeup. Buy it Here.

mineral-hygienics makeup

For Your Fashion Friends

These gifts are for your friend who owns some of the cutest items of clothing you’ve ever seen; she loves fashion and is not afraid to talk about it. These gifts are even suitable for those who appreciate good style.

Gifts for The Fashion Guru

Naadam Cashmere Scarf and Glove Set

If you are looking for some quality warmth garments for a friend, Naadam Cashmere is your go-to destination. Joi received the Cashmere Scarf and Chunky gloves and loved them!

High quality, cashmere, and so warm. What more could anyone ask for in a gift?  Buy it Here.

Naadam Cashmere chunky gloves
naadam cashmere ribbed scarf


The best part about shopping at ModCloth is that everything is so unique you never have to worry about ordering something everyone is wearing. A fantastic ensemble from here will have your fashion friend going wild. Buy it Here.

Betsy Johnson

Betsy Johnson has a unique style; you can tell her items from a mile away. One cool thing is her handbags.

It is adorable and unique and a great gift to give. Buy it Here.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is the go-to place for items in the style that are also affordable. The shoe section in Forever 21 is fantastic, and these boots are perfect for fall and winter and would make an excellent gift for anyone. Buy it Here.

For the Fitness Freaks

These gifts are for your friend who spends much time in the gym or has vowed to get in shape. Fitness gifts are helpful because workout stuff can add up over time, so do them a favor and get them some things now.

Best Gifts For the Fitness Freaks

Yoga Set

Yoga is much fun and even better when you have the right equipment. A Yoga set can include a Yoga mat, foam block, stretching straps, yoga towel, and sometimes a yoga hand towel.

I received a yoga set for Christmas one year and was so excited about it. This is an excellent gift for any Yogi or wannabe yogi. Buy it Here.

ir?t=mismilmagllc 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00W5W3FA8Danskin

As a fitness and fashion person, I love having cute clothes to wear to the gym. Danskin has a beautiful selection of clothing items that anyone would enjoy. Any fitness freak would approve. Buy it Here.

Total Body Massage Stick

Any athlete will appreciate a good foam roller, but those can sometimes get a little bulky to store and can also be hard to reach certain sore spots on the body. This is why a total body massage stick is a go-to tool for athletes feeling sore virtually on any muscle. Buy it Here.

A Fitbit Charge HR

If you have a friend in the market for a heart rate monitor, getting them a Fitbit Charge may be a better option. This baby tracks your heart rate, steps, calories, sleep, and miles daily and lets you compete with the rest of your friends who also own a Fitbit. It’s a great accountability tool. Buy it Here.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

I got a pair of the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante this year, and they are lovely! Lightweight on your feet, they make it easy to do almost anything at the gym. Buy it Here.
ir?t=mismilmagllc 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00KQ32Y00

For the Hobbyists

If you have a friend who enjoys a hobby, it is probably good to get them something that fits well with what they already do. Whether they are a collector or occasionally enjoy a good bottle of wine, these gift ideas should spark some thoughts.

Best Gifts for the Hobbyists


Books are always a great gift if you help them further their career, entertain them, or share some knowledge you once learned. Below are a few of my favorites. But check out my list of books I feel every serious blogger should read. Buy it here.

Audible Subscription

If you want to get a book for your friend but fear they will not read it, maybe an Audible subscription may be better. It’s an affordable gift and a great way for them to be able to choose their books. I wrote an article about how my Audible Subscription changed my life here. Buy it here.

Audible Gift Subscription

Amazon Fire TV

If you have a friend who does not believe in cable but loves their Netflix account, this Amazon Fire TV may be an excellent gift for them. It lets them stream their Netflix and Hulu to their TV and other channels like HBO GO, CBS, and Amazon Prime. Buy it Here.

Amazon Fire TV

Photography Lens Mug

If you have a photographer friend who enjoys a good cup of coffee, this camera lens mug may be the perfect gift. It is a coffee cup that looks like a camera lens. It’s cute and thoughtful. Buy it Here.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

For The Guys in Your Life

Whether that guy in your life is your boyfriend, uncle, Dad, or co-worker, I find some problems with shopping for the other sex. Here are a few ideas to get the brain waves moving.

Best Gifts For The Guys in Your Life


A watch can be an excellent gift for a guy (if he wears them). Watches can be a unique accessory and a perfect way to tell time. There are quite a few to choose from on Amazon. Buy it Here.

Desktop 3D Printer

This is great for the tech guy in your life who finds these to be fascinating. A Desktop 3-D Printer is exactly what it sounds like.

It can print small 3D objects at home. It’s a pretty excellent gift for anyone. Buy it Here.

Credit Card Companion

This nifty little tool is the size and shape of a credit card but has some of the capabilities of a Swiss Army knife. The Credit Card Companion converts from its credit card shape into a knife, bottle opener, a compass rose, and even a magnifying glass. Buy it Here.

French press coffee maker

If the guy you know is a coffee lover, this may be an excellent gift for him. The French Press is a great way to get the most flavor of your coffee and gives your kitchen a European feel. Great gift for a coffee lover. Buy the french press Here.

Men Beauty Products

Despite its rugged exterior, the Man Can is filled with wonderfully smelling soaps, scrubs, and aftershave. Any man who appreciates a good scrub-down will like The Man Can. Buy it Here.

For that Person who is tough to shop for

Then there is that elusive Person that you have no idea what to get for them. When you ask them what they want, they say, “I don’t need anything,” or even worse, they are co-workers who barely tell you anything about their hobbies. No need to buy gift cards for them this year. Here are some gifts that anyone would enjoy.

The Best Gifts For That person Who Is Hard to Shop For

Contigo Coffee Mug

The Contigo Coffee Mug is no ordinary coffee cup. It will keep your coffee from spills and keep it hot all day.

I got this for someone one Christmas and watched while his wife tried to steal it for herself. It was pretty popular. Buy it Here.

Portable Phone Charger

Everyone has had that moment when they are out and about; their phone dies, and no charger is in sight. How cool would it be to have a portable phone charger? This is a great practical gift for anyone, so you cannot go wrong here. Buy it Here.

Bluetooth speaker

The cool thing about owning a Bluetooth speaker is that you can use it with your computer or cell phone nearby. Whether you are a party person or not, everyone can find some use for a Bluetooth speaker. Bose is the best brand of speaker you can get! Buy it Here.

Food Basket

If all else fails, a beautiful food basket goes a long way. It’s a great way to show that you think the packaging is already done for you! There are personal options, and they all look beautiful. Buy it Here.

The Miss Millennia Ultimate Gift Guide for 2015

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