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5 Great Tips For Practicing Defensive Driving

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When you’re going to learn to drive, you’re going to quickly learn how important it is to practice defensive driving. It’s not about you, either. It’s also about the people on the road with you who you have to keep an eye on. 

Every situation is different and requires its own courses of action, but there are some defensive driving situations that you have to consider before you get on the road. If you know how to be a safer driver, you’re going to keep everyone from any accidents or issues on the road.

You should be learning how to be a safe driver during your lessons, but sometimes knowing the rules yourself will help. For example, is road rage a criminal act in California? 

You’d have to learn this before you get on the road, and knowing this will really help you out when it comes to being a safer driver.

Keep Your Distance

You want to know that you can safely stop if there are any issues on the road.  You can’t do that if you stick too close to the driver in front of you. 

A driver keeping a safe distance from the car in front of them.

Human beings aren’t designed to go too fast but our cars are designed to shoot forward! You should always be looking ahead. 

So many accidents on the road can be avoided if people just have a little more situational awareness!

Stay Aware of What Is Happening Around You

When you are driving, you need to keep looking at the entire picture on the road. You need to always be aware of your movement vs the movement of other people. 

Driving isn’t something you can just do and not think about other drivers and passengers around you. You’re required to be attentive when you are driving if you want to keep your license and your life!

Always Have An Escape Plan

Did you know that defensive drivers need to have an escape plan? If you want to be one of the safest drivers on the road, you have to have a plan to handle yourself should the worst happen. 

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A red car driving down the coastline.

What would you do if a tire blew out? Or if you spun out of control? There are plenty of things that you can’t control on the road, and you can’t control them all. 

However, you can control how you react. 

Take Night Classes

If you are worried about different aspects of driving, then get yourself some extra classes and cover the scarier side of driving. Night-time driving can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean that you have to drive in fear. 

Reduce Your Distractions

Where possible, reduce the number of distractions that you have on the road and in the car. Loud people? No thank you! 

Loud music? Okay, if you’re tired, but you need to avoid things like subwoofers, flat-screen TVs, and hanging things from the rearview mirror. You should consider distractions when you are on the road and how you plan to mitigate those! 

You need to drive defensively where possible to stay safe!

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