4 Craft Hobbies That Mean Big Business

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For most people, crafting is a form of enjoyment that they like to occasionally dabble in. They don’t take their thoughts further than this—and who would? It’s not like to can decide to profit from other hobbies like playing an instrument, baking or…oh, wait. Yeah. You totally can. You see, anything and everything that you do is something that another person desires. Whether you are selling your services tinkling the ivories in a concert, whipping up delicious concoctions for a bake sale or even putting your crafting creations for sale either online or in a store, there is money to be made.

craft hobbies

Knitting and Crochet

These two ways of tangling up wool and cotton into beautiful creations had a bit of a decrease in popularity towards the start of the millennium due to being seen as “granny crafts,” but they are now back and bigger than ever. There are certain websites dedicated to new creations as people explore how to make decorations, toys and clothes in new and vibrant ways, and there is always a good stock of knits available to buy in stores regardless of the season. If you are a dab hand with a knitting needle or a crochet hook, it’s time to put your skills to good use and start your selling.

Flower Crowns

No longer confined to festivals, flower crowns are becoming big things to sell. They are used for photo shoots, weddings, general fashion and almost anything else that you can think of—and you can use real or fake flowers depending on where your experience and background lies. You can buy wholesale crafting supplies online to get you started. It’s such a genuinely fabulous thing to make and can spice up any outfit!

Jewelry Making

Jewelry has been on trend since time began. People have always needed and wanted adornment, regardless of status. It is becoming increasingly easier to get the kit that you need to be able to make simple jewellery yourself, and there are always people on craft sites like Etsy who are willing to buy what you have made. The big boom on social media at the moment is pearl jewellery, with the openings of the oysters being done via live video so it’s like you are there from beginning to end of the jewellery making process. They’re also quite addictive to watch!

craft hobbies

Sewing and Embroidery

You don’t have to be confined to making clothes when you think about sewing, and if you ask most people who use a sewing machine, they’re not actually using for that purpose at all. Home furnishings such as cushions will always be in vogue, and with different materials and fabrics that you can use to put towards them, there will always be a way you can jazz it up that nobody else has done before. If you are good at following a pattern, you could make a serious bit of money by sewing together old baby clothes to make into a toy—this is becoming big business on Facebook selling places currently.


In today’s world, crafting can earn you big bucks! So put your hobby to use and make some extra cash.

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