Smoking Alternatives For A Healthier You

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Everyone knows smoking is incredibly bad for you. You can’t miss it these days…even cigarette cartons are plastered with advice and warning regarding how bad smoking is. Shallow breath, cancer, bad skin, yellowed hands, bad smell and breath–the side effects list is endless. But if you’re addicted to nicotine, quitting isn’t so simple. It is a drug after all. Here are a few alternatives to consider that can eventually help you kick the habit.


Nicotine patches release a steady stream of nicotine into your bloodstream for a predetermined amount of time. It helps you stop smoking and eliminates much of the bad cigarette poison going into your lungs. However, it won’t help with the habit of holding a cigarette. You’ll feel like you’re missing something, so an alternative is suggested. These are great for people who want to slowly wean off nicotine as you can gradually ease off the dosage. They also help in terms of discretion, no one will no or can see you smoking or popping pills as the patch can sit high up on your arm.


A new craze that seems to have taken the world by storm, vaping is inhaling vapour instead of smoke, touted as a way more healthier from of nicotine ingestion. It is seen as some as the first level or quitting. It tastes much better too, with a huge multitude of flavours available, you won’t be stinking of smoke any longer when you use an e juice. It’s a great stepping stone, but for someone who want’s to kick the habit completely vaping may not be the next step, instead skipping to something that is actually intended to help you quit may be a better option.

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Like patches, tablets offer you a hit of nicotine. But instead they are more discreet, especially for people who usually go bare armed. They give you a set dose of nicotine that you can take a few times throughout the day to keep nicotine levels up. If you’d prefer to release a steady burst then perhaps lozenges are for you. These gently release nicotine and are better at simulating a cigarettes dosage. Gum essentially does the same thing, as you chew it, it releases nicotine throughout your body, giving you more control than swallowing a tablet. It also looks natural, as most people will think you are chewing normal gum.


If you are too used to the hand to mouth action and tablets or patches don’t correctly simulate a cigarette then you could try vaping, but as that carries its own risks perhaps an inhaler is for you. It looks like a little white stick, similar to a nose decongestant stick. All you do is inhale through the mouthpiece and you’ll get a quick shot of nicotine depending on your chosen dosage. These are great for people who get fidgety when they try to quit. They’re useful as unlike a cigarette you can have a quick shot whilst indoors, they better mirror the natural cigarette motion and can lead to a smoother quit for long term smokers.
While it is better to quit your smoking habit altogether, stopping suddenly is nearly impossible. Using these alternatives can help you transition into being a healthier you.