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Travel on a Grand Scale: Tips For an Unforgettable Vacation in Dubai

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Sometimes in life, there come moments when everything gets boring. The mind and body get tired and there is no longer the strength and motivation to do anything. In such a case, many experts advise taking a break. Having a good rest frees the brain of routine problems and everyday tasks. As well as save the muscles from constant tension. In such cases, you want to relax in great style. Why not vacation in Dubai?

Having a good rest frees the brain of routine problems and everyday tasks. As well as save the muscles from constant tension. In such cases, you want to relax in great style.

One of the places where you can relax on a grand scale in Dubai. Here you can stay in luxury hotels, rent a car in Bur Dubai, visit gourmet restaurants, and much more. For a luxurious holiday, you need to rent a luxury car that car rentals offer. In this post, we have compiled for you the top things you can do upon arrival in Dubai to enjoy every day of your vacation.

Rent a Room In a “7-Star Hotel”

Surely, while looking through the photos of people from Dubai, you have come across photos of a hotel that looks like a ship’s sail. So this hotel has not just five stars and high-class amenities, but two stars more, because the level of service here is beyond praise. This is not an official hotel rating system, but having been here, every vacationer can agree that this hotel should be given much more stars than five.

A sail-shaped hotel

Here you can stay in the most luxurious rooms. By the way, for lovers of luxury, there is an opportunity to stay in two-story rooms of increased comfort. Coming here for 9 days, you can go to different elite restaurants for dinner every day. Fans of water procedures can enjoy swimming in 4 swimming pools located in the hotel. All will be able to truly appreciate the proposed rejuvenation procedures and spa services.

Take a Steam Bath in the Hammam

To relieve tension in the muscles and allow the body to truly relax, there is no better remedy than a visit to the bath or hammam. Having visited one of the baths, you will see how your skin is cleansed of dead cells, becomes softer and more elastic, and also becomes especially smooth.

To speed up the healing process, you will be asked to use special products, as well as a special glove that will help you quickly remove dead skin cells. This emirate has a huge number of places where you can do the healing of your body. Some of the best are Anjana Spa, The Spa, Talise Ottoman Spa, and One&Only Spa. Each of them is located in different hotel complexes and offers a range of first-class services for your comfortable stay.

Take to the Sky in a Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon flying over a desert

If you don’t have a phobia related to heights, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take to the skies in a hot air balloon to take a look at Dubai and its surroundings. Just imagine being able to climb over 1,000 meters, see the city in all its glory, watch the golden sands of the dunes, and see the camel caravans.

Renew Your Wardrobe with Designer Pieces

If you are especially fond of strolling through fashionable shops, then you should come to Dubai specifically for this, as this place is a concentration of fashion stores. To get started, you can go to the local markets and bazaars to purchase locally made products.

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There are a huge number of markets here. You can visit the textile market, gold accessories market, perfume market, and spice market. In addition to the traditional local markets, you can stroll through stores and shopping malls to visit high-end stores such as Alexander MacQueen, Elie Saab, Balenciaga, or Cartier.


If you are tired of everything that happens in your life, then you should organize a vacation in one of the most beautiful and luxurious places on the planet. While you take your vacation in Dubai, you can truly relax.

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