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Top 5 Ways to Award Yourself with Some Me Time

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How much time do you actually take for yourself in a given day? Millennials, nowadays, are constantly moving and have little to no time to stop to doing something for themselves. Trust me, I get it! I am lucky to even get a minute to eat a meal at the right time. Being a full-time student with a job and other extracurricular activities can be time-consuming. I mean just look at me surrounded in paperwork! However, self-care is very important not only to your stress levels but also your health. So here are the top 5 ways you can award yourself with some me time.

me time

Join a Community Group

There are so many great apps that can connect you with other people in your area that are looking for fun things to do! If you find your ‘me time’ to be walking, there’s a group for that. Maybe your ‘me time’ is crafting, there’s a group for that too! You’re probably thinking, why would I want my ‘me time’ with other people? Well, the beauty of being a part of a group is that they will hold you accountable to showing up for things. This way if you start to put yourself on the back burner, you have a friend that is looking out for you as well. Plus it’s nice to socialize with people in a setting where there is zero stress.

Aside from special apps that can help you find these groups, most towns have an amazing town website with events happening. I know in my town, they post all over social media about different things happening. It’s free and very helpful! You should definitely check out your town’s website!


Magazines are the perfect activity to partake in when needing some ‘me time.’ I love to go through a magazine during my free time and check out the different activities inside. In fact, I was just at Tom Thumb the other day grocery shopping, and I picked up PEOPLE Magazine. I get an odd calming satisfaction looking at other celebrities doing simple tasks like me. It makes me think that life can’t be too hard if celebrities have to walk the dog and go grocery shopping just like me. I was able to achieve ultimate ‘me time’ while kicking my feet up, sipping some tea, and flipping through PEOPLE magazine.

me time

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Plan a BIG Me Time

While having mini ‘me times’ is great, try to make an effort of scheduling a big ‘me time.’ You could even see it as a reward for actually caring out all the little mini ‘me times.’ Maybe go on a cruise, or take a weekend trip away! But make a promise to yourself that you can only take the big ‘me time’ if you continue to keep up with your mini ‘me times.’ Think of it as one of those punch cards you get at an ice cream shop or restaurant. Each time you take a moment for yourself, you get a punch out of the card. Get 10 punches and you get a bigger prize like a pedicure. Get 50 punches and you get a vacation! It does not need to be exactly like that but you get the point.

Schedule a Time

me time

When you are planning out your week, be sure to set aside a designated time to show yourself some love. Even if it can only be a couple minutes out of your day, do something that focuses on you. There are some amazing yoga practices you can do right in your office chair. Maybe go out to lunch versus eating in the office, or pull out a magazine like I mentioned before. Literally, write it down in your schedule so that you have the satisfaction of having ‘me time’ and getting to cross something off of the to-do list. As you can see on my calendar, I schedule a little bit of ‘me time’ every day, some being an hour, others only 5 minutes.

Don’t Forget, You’re Important

No matter what, you need to always remember that you are important. If you neglect taking care of yourself, it will only begin to affect your health. You can only conquer the world as long as you’re sane and healthy. So try to keep that in mind when you continue to neglect me time.

Do you have any other ways you award yourself with some me time? Share them below in the comments section!

How much time do you actually take for yourself in a given day? Check out these top 5 ways you can award yourself with some me time!

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  1. I give myself a little me time each day. It’s not long and all it is is the relaxing eating lunch but every little bit helps. I have always liked people magazine and that might be a fun thing to read while I am sitting there eating my lunch.

  2. I agree that me time is important. My mother has taught me that early on that you serve yourself with me time but also serve others because when you take care of yourself, you can more fully give to others.

  3. I love having my me time, it’s one of the things that I treasure the most. I think it’s important to plan it in advance so that you can squeeze in all the things that you want to do by yourself.

  4. it’s always been on my last list, the “me time” program lol. Since the end of the month is coming, i can reach my “me time” now! this are all great tips!

  5. I am so busy that I often don’t have time for me or time with other people I enjoy. I like to use community websites to see what is happening and get out of the house and meet people from my neighborhood. It is a great way to connect and get away from work.

  6. great tips! hehe i dont usually think of “me time” cos im very busy with work and household chores plus being a mother and a wife! lol

  7. As I get older I have become to recognize the importance of me, and to be diligent in regards to my self-care. These are helpful tips to help me prioritize taking care of little ole’ me. Thank you!

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