How To Save Money On Your Dental Care

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How To Save Money On Your Dental Care

It is easy to put off dentist visits, and it only gets easier when there’s not a lot of extra money around for a much-needed cleaning or procedure. However, avoiding the dentist for too long can backfire and lead to a much larger dental issue and a higher bill to go along with it. To prevent that, know how to save money on dental care.

Even dental insurance can leave many people with bills they can’t pay if any significant dental work is needed. That begs the question: How can you pay for the dental work you need, or how much do braces cost? It’s possible that you don’t have good credit or extra money on your side. Paying out of pocket is not realistic. Fortunately, there are other ways to finance a visit to the dentist.

Dental Financing with Bad Credit 

Dental loans are designed to help patients pay for dental work they’ve received. Often having fixed rates and amounts, these loans depend on an applicant’s overall credit. 

Getting a dental loan is simple enough—contact a lender and apply. Doing a little research first will give you a better picture of what you’re signing up for and a better chance of locking in a reasonable interest rate. This will help you save money on dental care in the long run.

When you don’t have ideal credit, it can be tricky to find financing, but it is possible. To find quality lenders who provide dental funding for bad credit, here are a few things you may want to do:

Review credit reports 

Every year, U.S. citizens can get a free credit report from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax—the three largest credit bureaus. Request information from each bureau and look through it, checking for defaulted accounts, incorrect past-due amounts, and any discrepancies. Dispute any errors you find with creditors or the credit bureaus to get them removed from your reports.

Start to improve your credit.

Take actionable steps to bump your credit score before shopping for a dental loan. If the dental work needed isn’t an emergency or particularly pressing, try paying down current debt and anything else you can do to improve the shape of your credit score before looking for financing. The higher your credit score is, the better the terms of your loan will be, and you will save more money. 

Shop around 

Having bad credit can make shopping around for an affordable dental loan frustrating, but when you know where to look, you’ll find more options than you’d think. Online tools and financial coaching provided by companies like Invibed help borrowers with bad credit connect with lenders. 

Save Money on Dental Care 

You may need a loan to cover dental work, but other ways exist to reduce costs.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is much cheaper than medical plans. Even if your employer doesn’t offer it, getting on an insurance plan is often less expensive than paying for everything out of pocket. It will cover a portion or all of the cost of routine dental work.

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Preventative care

The number one way to save money on dental care is to care for your teeth, mouth, and gums. Get regular checkups to catch potential problems before they pile up. 


Many dental offices have discount plans for low-income patients or those needing help. Depending on your current situation, you may qualify. Always ask the offices in your area about dental care for low-income families. With some luck, you can find an oral healthcare provider who can provide services cheaply

Dental schools

One of the best ways to save money is by finding a dental school that provides dental services to the public. If you’re comfortable with it, dental students will do everything you need under the strict supervision of professional and licensed dental instructors. 

Save up

If the care you need is elective or can be put off for a bit longer, take advantage of the time and start saving for the procedure or treatment instead of financing the entire thing. Having even a portion of the money required in your bank account will put you ahead.

Shop Around & Compare

The same procedures have different prices depending on the office you go to, so ask around for a reputable and affordable dentist. It’s never a bad idea to negotiate, either. There’s no guarantee you’ll get the reduced rate you’re looking for, but it never hurts to ask, and you may be pleasantly surprised.


It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the thought of needing a loan to pay for dental work; it can be daunting. Remember that even if you don’t have the best credit, there are still ways to pay for the dental work you need. With a little bit of planning and commitment to your health, you can find the financing option that is right for you.

How To Save Money On Your Dental Care

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