How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

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Cell phone bills have become a necessary expense for most people in the US. Not only are we paying to stay in contact with our loved ones, we are paying for data, the latest phone, and texting. With all of these new items to pay for cell phone bills have skyrocketed in price. If you are looking for shortcuts to lower that monthly cost, we have some tips for you!

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Downgrade Your Plan

While this may be the most undesirable approach, you may find some wiggle room after examining your phone records. Are you really using all of your data? Do you not text as much as you thought? If so, see if you could downgrade to a plan below the one you’re currently on. This could mean a savings of $20-$50 a month!

Switch to the Family Plan

Are you an your significant other doing the single phone plans? Using a family plan instead of a single plan could be a huge improvement on your monthly expenses. I went from paying $82 a month for my individual phone bill to a family plan with my boyfriend where my bill is now only $60 per month.

Move to a Lower Cost Mobile Company

Now while this option may be a little more time consuming than the other two, it has the biggest reward. Right now Straight Talk has something called the “Bring Your Own Phone Program.” With this plan you can keep your same phone, number, and network and only pay $45 per month! And the best part is that you get unlimited text, talk, and data for this price. What I really love about this plan is that there is no contract. I have personally made many of my cell phone decisions in the past based solely on my phone contract. I see great offers and immediately think that it sounds awesome but I have to wait until April. Leave all that nonsense behind and switch to a no contract plan. You can learn more about Straight Talk Wireless plans at Walmart.

As I mentioned before, cell phones are so necessary today, but you don’t have to pay a fortune to have everything you want in your phone service. I hope these tips helped!

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Looking for some easy ways to save on your cell phone bill this month? Check out these easy tips two save a buck or two.

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