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How To Safely Send Money To Someone In India

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How To Safely Send Money To Someone In IndiaIf you have a loved one or colleague who lives in India, you might need to safely send them money from time to time. But of course, you want to ensure you safely send money to them, to protect both of your information. The following are some options available to you to do just that.

Online Transfer

One quick way to send money nowadays is through the internet. A lot of online transfer companies have locations in India that allow people to pick up their money.

Of course, the money can be deposited directly into a bank account. If the person you’re sending the money to has a bank account, then this option would work.

The problem is you will need to send this money electronically. So if you only have cash, then this option might not work for you.

Western Union

A good way to safely send money to India is through Western Union. India consists of a lot of rural areas, but even in those areas, there are many Western Union locations throughout the country. The chances of finding one of these facilities is higher than finding a local bank.

If you want to send cash and make sure the other person receives it, this is a good option.

You should know that the fees to send money through this company is low compared to other options out there. And it’s easy for the receiver to pick up the money, all they need to do is show their identification.

Bank Transfer

This is a reliable option, but it’s the most complicated one. Both individuals need to have bank accounts, and you’ll have to deal with some high fees.

If you aren’t prepared to pay this much to send funds to India, then this isn’t your best option.

Investigate how long the transfer will take before you make your decision. Bank transfers sometimes take a while for various reasons like holidays and weekends.

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Personal Check

Sending a personal check is a safe option that people have trusted for a long time.

People can’t cash a check without a verified ID, so that makes it pretty safe. And remember that you can cancel a check if it doesn’t reach its destination. For an added layer of security, you can track the mail. This will allow the person in India to know when to expect the check.

Keep in contact with this person so that you know when they receive the check and when they cashed it. Once everything is okay, you can rest easy.

Keep in mind the bank will need to verify the funds. If the receiver deposits the check, the money may not be available to this person for a few days.

Email an e-check

An e-check is another option. It’s relatively safe and all you have to do is send an email to the person in India. Once your friend or co-worker receives the email, the transfer is initiated.

There are a few drawbacks to this option, such as the fact that not all banks offer it. Make sure you can send the e-check through your bank and that the person in India can receive it. Also, the other person won’t be able to pick up the cash physically but could take it out of the bank account after the money is available.

One pro of this option is that—if everything goes well—then the money will be available fast.


These are some ways to safely send money to your loved one or colleague in India. Choose the one that works best for you and the receiver!

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