Safe Drinking 101: Rules for College and Beyond

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If you enjoy an occasional night out with friends, it’s important that you understand how to be safe. According to the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Alcohol Project, there are several ways to practice low-risk drinking. Here are tips that you need to follow:

1.Set a Limit

Before you start drinking, decide what your limit will be. Keep in mind the saying “know your limits.” Factors to consider are how many people you are with, whether or not you ate a full meal before going out and how you plan on getting home. For men, the average limit is four drinks; for women, the average is three drinks.

2.Space Your Drinks

We’ve all been at bars or parties where alcohol is “slammed” and drinks are had in rapid succession. A better idea is to space your drinks by an hour. Drink moderately. Additionally, following each drink with a glass of water will keep you from getting too intoxicated too quickly.

3.Forego the Drinking Games

Unless you are sitting at home with a close group of friends and family, skip the drinking games. Find a game where everyone will enjoy. Though they are fun, they can also be dangerous, especially if you’re losing. Most people don’t keep track of just how much they are really drinking. Alcohol poisoning can be a very real consequence of these games.

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4.Watch Your Drink

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Never leave your drink sitting on a bar or table when out in public. Likewise, don’t leave a drink sitting on your end table if you are entertaining someone you’ve just met. While you may be the trusting sort, people do put drugs in others’ drinks, and it happens far too often. Carry your drink with you everywhere you go or wait to get up until you’ve finished your drink. That way if people will be hesitant to ask you if you need another drink, since you still have a glass in your hand.

5.Never Accept a Drink from a Stranger

Just as you should never leave your drink unattended, you should never accept a drink from a stranger. If someone offers to buy you a drink, cozy up to the bar, watch it being prepared and allow your new friend to pay for it.

6.Figure Out Your Transportation

Before you leave the house for your night out, figure out how you’ll be getting home. You may want to take a cab, have a friend pick you up or even designate a driver. No matter which you choose, the important thing is that you don’t drive drunk or ride with anyone who has had a drink just for you own safety.

7.Don’t Abandon Anyone

Make an agreement among your group that no one will wander off and no one will be left behind. If you meet someone and can’t resist the urge to leave, your pact may keep you in place. Remember that you can always meet that new person the next morning or night, when you’re both sober. Never leave a friend who has passed out; either stay with them or find someone who can.

Drinking to excess can be dangerous to your health. Not only do you run the risk of being sexually assaulted, injured or even killed, you run a very good chance of having your inhibitions lowered and that might put you in danger. This can cause you to do things that you wouldn’t otherwise do because you are no longer aware of the things around you. Following these tips on low-risk drinking can help keep you healthy, uninjured and alive.

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