How Music Can Inspire Creativity Everyday

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Art is my passion.

Music Inspires
Credit: Jannise Watts

There is nothing more enjoyable to me than creating something meaningful where before there was nothing. Whether that be a beautiful painting from a white canvas, an intriguing story from a black page or a telling photograph from unexposed film, it’s all pleasure. Producing art is the one thing I enjoy above all else.

But there is one field of art in which I have absolutely no talent: music. Unfortunately, I may be the world’s worst singer. I’ve also tried various instruments (flute, violin, piano, etc.) and have not been able to exceed at any of them…so far (still trying!). But the doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the wonderful melodies that are produced by other artists. Even though I’m not particularly talented at producing it, music is still a huge part of my artistic process. I also believe that to enhance your musical skills, you need to choose the best violin brand.

Music is simply inspiring.

Credit: Jannise Watts

For example, when I’m painting I like to listen to all kinds of music. The genre I listen to depends on my mood and the mood of the painting that I am attempting to create. Sometimes picking the style of the music is intentional to help me set the mood, other times the spirit of the music just appears in my painting. And I can listen to anything from Classical to Metal and most things in between.

Recently I just discovered a new song that I’m very excited to add to my playlist. The song is called Holding On by Mariya Val Yuri. You can listen in to enjoy the song here. To me, it seems like a somber song that is also very dramatic. The music starts off slow and relaxing, almost hypnotic. Then around the middle it picks up and feels very dramatic and tense. Mariya’s voice is breath-taking. I get the feeling that she is torn between a decision that she needs to make and that the she is coming close to decision time. The impending deadline makes her anxious. The song takes me on that journey with her. Of course, that is just my take on the song. It can have an entirely different meaning to someone else. And there is no way for me to know what Mariya was thinking when she was writing the lyrics.

The Process

Credit: Jannise Watts

Either way, I loved the story that this song created for me. I decided to try to capture the story in an image. I went out to attempt to find the right scene to capture it on film while listening to the song on repeat. What’s great about this for me is that songs can mean different things to different people. Even during my picture taking trip, the meaning behind the song changed slightly every time I listened. I don’t know if I created exactly what I set out to, in the beginning, but I have a lot of new images that I completely adore. That, in the end, is the ultimate goal. There may be some lovely connections for me to the music, but it is it’s own work out art in the end. You can be the judge and tell me if you see any connections between my photographs and the music.

This is just one example of a way I use music in my creative process. I thank artists like Mariya every day for doing what I can’t…create awesome music. I believe that artists need sometimes to bounce creative energy off of each other, and when I can’t physically be near other artists, music is the next best thing. I will be following Mariya’s music career in hopes that her work will inspire more art of my own.



She has much more songs that I love and will probably use in the future as well. She started her career at the age of 7 in the Ukraine and had had many accomplishments. One thing that I love about her is that she is very dimensional. Her music has been used for many things like commercials, and even video games. She’s very talented! And a business woman. She was one of the youngest students ever to graduate from Berklee College of Music. She has worked with some of the top record companies and is making a great career for herself. She is a real inspiration for any aspiring artists, no matter the medium.

What’s great is that she did not let her business side get in the way of creating. She has an

Credit: Katharsis

album out now called Katharsis that is pretty amazing. And it has some pretty fantastic cover art too! Everyone should check her out. Look at her website and you will fall in love with her work, the same that I did.





Resources: Mariya Val Yuri

How Music Can Inspire Creativity Everyday

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