Best 20 Gift Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs

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Finding gifts for entrepreneurs can be a daunting task. Especially if you are not in that world where you too are an entrepreneur. For creative entrepreneurs, their businesses are such a big part of their lives that they’d happily accept a gift that would help them grow as a person or in their business.

As a creative entrepreneur myself,  I am ecstatic when I get a good gift the reflects my entrepreneurial interests. There was actually a year where my husband only got me gifts that would help me grow in my business and I absolutely loved all of them!

If you are looking for great gift ideas for a business owner, you have come to the right place. Check out the list below for ideas.

1. Designer Planner and Agenda

Emily + Meritt The Affirmation Ditsy Heart Planner :gift ideas for entrepreneurs
Emily + Meritt The Affirmation Ditsy Heart Planner

If the person you are shopping for is busy as all hell, the best gift you could probably give them is more time. And since that is impossible to do, the next best thing is an agenda. I LOVE a good agenda! They keep me focused and on 

Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 7.34.06 PM

And they can be so cute to carry with you everywhere you go. I love the designer collection of agendas at AT-A-GLANCE. There are a variety of different styles and colors to choose from.

And, you’ll be giving them a nice head start into the new year with a brand new agenda. (I promise they are already thinking about goals and plans for the new year.)

Click here to check out the designer planning collections at AT-A-GLANCE.

2. Tile Mate

wallet gift ideas for entrepreneurs

If you have a friend who is prone to losing everything, the Tile Mate is for them. This little piece of tech is simply added to the item they often lose; a purse, keys, jacket. And if they lose it, they can track its whereabouts via an app on their phone. It’s a pretty nifty tool!

Click here to learn more about Tile.

3. FabFitFun Subscription

fabfit fun gift ideas for entrepreneurs

The FabFitFun Box Subscription is a perfect gift for a super busy entrepreneur. They send a box once per season with 8-10 full-sized premium products. If the person you are thinking of is too busy to try out new makeup or skin products?

Or they simply need a little TLC with snacks or workout gear? The subscription is only $39.99 for the first box. Pay for their membership for a year, because who does not like it to feel like Christmas every season of the year?

Click here to learn more about FabFitFun.

4. Entrepreneurship Fundamentals Courses

Screen Shot 2021 02 18 at 8.02.45 AM

Another thoughtful gift for a creative entrepreneur is a course on how to be a better entrepreneur. These Udemy courses are exactly that. If none of these look appealing, there are a number of other affordable courses on Udemy you can order. Buy it for them and to show you care!

Click here to learn more about this course and other similar courses on Udemy.


5. Standing Desk
Flexispot standing desk riser gift ideas for entrepreneurs

If your entrepreneur friends spend a great deal of time at their desk you may want to consider getting them a standing desk riser. What I enjoy about the desk riser is that it is adjustable and if they become fatigued they can sit down.

The riser can go right on top of a desk and can even handle dual screens. It is great for posture and is a great energizer in the middle of the day. I got my standing desk from Flexispot since they have a wide variety of standing desks, desk bikes, and desk risers.

Click here to learn more about getting a standing desk riser for your favorite entrepreneur.

6. Apple Watch

Screen Shot 2021 02 18 at 8.19.11 AM

If you know a busy entrepreneur, an Apple watch may be a great gift for them. Not only can it sync with the other Apple device such as their Macbook and iPhone, but it can keep them up to date with their calendar on their watch, keep an eye on messages, and still hit their step goals without having their phone on them at all times.

If they are more of an Android and PC user, this may not make as great a gift. So make sure they are a fan of Apple products first.

Click here to learn more about the Apple Watch

7. Moleskine Classic NotebookMoleskine Notebook gift ideas for entrepreneurs

I LOVE getting a fresh new notebook. I probably blow through 3-5 of these a year since they are often filled with my notes and ideas I come up with during the day. If the small business owner you know is anything like me, they will love receiving a new notebook. Bonus points if you can find one that has an inspirational quote on the cover.

Click here to find the perfect notebook gift for your friend.

8. Espresso Machine Bundle with Milk FrotherBreeville Espresso Machine gift ideas for entrepreneurs

If you know an entrepreneur who likes coffee, there is a possibility that they NEED coffee on some days. Running a business sometimes means long days and very little sleep. And having a nice smooth espresso is enough to give them a jolt to get through a long stride of work. This Vertuo espresso machine by Breville is just what your entrepreneur friend needs.

Click here to learn more about this Espresso machine here.

9. A Lap Desk 

Lap Desk gift ideas for entrepreneurs

Know an entrepreneur who works from bed or the couch? You should think about getting them a lap desk. There are a number of designs for you to pick the one that best represents their personality. And they can feel comfortable while working at home.

Click here to get a lap desk for a friend.

10. Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Sony noise canceling headphones gift ideas for entrepreneurs

No matter how focused and determined the creative entrepreneur in your life may seem, I can tell you from experience that they have their times when getting focused while working can be a struggle. When I struggle with focus, it helps to be able to cancel out all the distractions around me. So I listen to music with my earbuds while I work. These noise-canceling headphones by Sony are the perfect tool for staying focused.

Click here to get the noise-canceling headphones.

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11. New Camera and Camera Accessories

Canon Camera and Accessories gift ideas for entrepreneurs

I can’t think of a single creative entrepreneur who wouldn’t need a camera and accessories. Whether they need it to take photos for their social media channels, need to take photos of their own work to share or to take photos for their blog posts. A good camera will go a long way for a business owner. If you really want to go all out, get this kit and a course on doing better photography.

Click here to get this camera and accessories bundle

12. An Echo Show

Echo Show gift ideas for entrepreneurs

If your entrepreneur you know has a lot on their plate or works long night in the office, and Amazon show makes for a wonderful gift. Not only can they get Alexa to help them out with certain tasks, but they can even do a video chat home if needed.

Click here to get your Amazon Echo Show.

13. Audible Membership

Audible Subscription gift ideas for entrepreneurs

I LOVE my Audible account. It is a great way to read more while doing other things. I like listening to self-help books while on my way to work.

Or reading a good novel at the gym. Audible is for people who enjoy reading while getting other things done – Kind of like entrepreneurs.

Click here to buy them an Audible subscription this year.

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14. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

81ipKYwWZBL._SL1500_ gift ideas for entrepreneurs

I mentioned earlier that music is something that helps me focus on my work. Well, music is also great for a  collaborative and fun work environment. And you can’t have that with just noise-canceling headphones.

I like the idea of having a Bluetooth speaker so they can play music anywhere they may work. And this Bose Bluetooth speaker is a great one with 360 sound.

Click here to get this for your friend this year.

15. Business Card Holderbusiness card holder gift ideas for entrepreneurs

Who wouldn’t want to cute care to put their business cards in? A business card holder is great for those who often network in their business. ir?t=mismilmagllc 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01GJGRJB6So they can whip it out when it’s time.

Click here to order this Business card holder.

16. Inspirational Pen Set

Inspirational pen set gift ideas for entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur needs a little inspiration every now and again. And these pens with inspirational quotes on them are self-affirming. Get it for the entrepreneur who you believe in.

Click here to get the inspirational pens.

17. Wood Bookmark Entrepreneur Quote 

inspirational quote bookmark gift ideas for entrepreneurs
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wood bookmark inspirational quotes gift ideas for entrepreneurs
ir?t=mismilmagllc 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B073DVZW52
Wood bookmark inspirational quote gift ideas for entrepreneurs
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Similar to the inspirational pens, these bookmarks come with a ton of different inspirational quotes on them. I picked my favorite ones above. Give them a few since they may be reading multiple books at once.

Click here to get the inspirational quote bookmarks

18. Building My Dream Mug

building my dream mug gift ideas for entrepreneurs
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Coffee mugs! Okay, I have a slight obsession with coffee mugs with cute quotes on them. Get this one for an entrepreneur who is well on their way!

Click here to get this mug for a friend.

19. Boss Lady Wall Art

Boss Lady inspirational poster gift ideas for entrepreneurs
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In the same realm of inspiration, maybe an inspirational poster they can put in their office will be a great addition. Entrepreneurs need inspiration wherever they can get it, and having this beauty up in their office may be another way for them to get there.

Click here to get this poster.

20. The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Book: gift ideas for entrepreneurs

Lastly, why not a book? There are a ton of them out there for entrepreneurs. But this one called the Entrepreneur roller coaster is so fitting since it speaks to what entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Get it for a friend and see where it goes!

Click here to get this book for a friend.

gifts for creative entrepreneurs amazon list

There you have it! 20 gift ideas for the creative entrepreneur in your life. Click on the image above to go to my Amazon List to shop these picks.

Tell me…what am I missing? If you are an entrepreneur post in the comments what you would like to see for a gift this holiday season.

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