Get Your Relationship Back On Track After Arguing With Your Sister

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As children, you and your sister probably fought like cat and dog, squabbling over the silliest of things. From who got the biggest half of the last cookie to who got to choose the movie. When you were kids, the things that you and your sister argued about had little meaning. You might have argued a lot, but the arguments were always over quickly, and within minutes, you were back to playing together.

Sadly, now that you are adults, that isn’t always the case. When siblings argue as adults, sometimes things get blown out of proportion and turn into massive problems. If this happens, it can easily drive a wedge between you and your sister, affecting the closeness of your relationship.

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If you and your sister have had a falling out, don’t dwell on it, what you need to do is get things back on track. To help you do that, we have created a guide to all our top tips for getting the relationship between you and your sister back on track.

Invite her for coffee

Get in touch with your sister and invite her out for coffee – if she says no, then she isn’t ready yet, wait and try again in a few days. Don’t get upset about this, it’s better to wait until you have both calmed down. Otherwise, the argument could end up being restarted again.

If she says yes, choose somewhere that is central to both of you, and is quiet enough to allow you to talk things through properly. Don’t opt for either of your homes, it’s best to go somewhere neutral.

Talk things through

Once she arrives, apologize for arguing and discuss what happened. It might be tempting to brush it under the carpet and move on, but it’s best to talk things through. Let your sister explain her side of the story first, don’t interrupt, no matter what she says, wait until it’s your turn to talk. When it’s your turn to talk, share your side of the story and address what she has said. If the two of you can’t agree on who was in the wrong, it’s best to agree to disagree and move on.

Show your sister that you care

You might have sorted out your argument, but it’s still nice to show your sister how much you care about her. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture, just something that shows how much she means to you. You could surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a box of her favorite chocolates, or a new piece of jewelry. If your sister already has a charm bracelet, perhaps you could buy her a new charm for that?

There are lots of charms you could pick, but a sister charm would definitely be the best option. Sister charms are a beautiful way to show love, so are ideal for sending to your sister, to show her that you care.

Spend some time together

After you have sorted out the argument, it’s a good idea to spend some time together. This doesn’t have to be right away; it could be after work or at the weekend, just make sure to spend some time together.

Arrange to go out for dinner, go for drinks, see a movie, go to a spa, or go on a shopping trip. Find an activity that you both like and make plans to get together and do it – you will feel happier after you’ve spent some time together.

While it’s normal to argue with your sister now and then, it’s important that you sort arguments out as soon as you can. Otherwise, they could end up getting out of hand, which is not what you want.

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